Baby Annabel – My first Rose Set Review

Ever since my fifth and final child was born, and in her three years on this planet, she has never owned a dolly. Not a single one. Not that we refused to buy her one or anything but it just didn’t seem to be a toy that she would interact with much or get the use from it. Until now. Recently Annabelle {my daughter, not the doll!} has been in love with caring for her teddys in a Mother to child sort of way. Pushing them around in her little Peppa pig pushchair, reading them stories and even tucking them into bed. So when I was approached and asked if we’d like to review a Baby Annabell doll, my first Rose set from Zapf creation, in honour of National Baby Day, I thought, why not!

I’m very pleased that I did because when it was delivered, I let Annabelle open it because it was for her after all! But once she opened it and saw what was inside, her reaction was just adorable. “Wow, it’s a baby!” she exclaimed and instantly urged me to open the box for her to hold this new baby for her to love & care for.

Look how chuffed she is with her new and first ever dolly!

Even though Annabelle has never been around many babies in her young life, she has never had any dolls either. So watching her be so gentle and maternal towards Baby Annabell was so bittersweet. She loves telling me where her eyes are and her nose, lips, and even her ears. 

The Baby Annabell My First Rose Set comes with Baby Annabell {obviously}, 2 outfits {1 romper & 1 dress}, including one pair of super cute sandals and a little lamb rattle.

I love that this Baby Annabell my first rose set comes with two outfits. I think it’s cute that it can help my daughter not only get her doll ready bed in the evenings but it also encourages her to get her dress when it is morning too.

It didn’t take long for Annabelle to want to undress Baby Annabell and to put her into her gorgeous rosebud dress, perfect for the lovely summers day we were having. 

How adorable are these little rose bud sandals! 

Baby Annabell is such a cute little doll and she has become a good friend of my daughter Annabelle too. I love watching her put her dolly in her little buggy and taking her for a walk around the house or about the garden. It’s a new and budding relationship! The Baby Annabell range comes with loads of fun and adorable accessories which I can see going on a certain young lady’s wishlist! 😉

Disclosure: This product was sent to me for the purpose of my review. All thoughts, photos and opinions are my own. 


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