Not long now…

It’s officially April which means this month {at some point} we will hear which nursery/pre-school that Annabelle has been accepted into. I find it bonkers to even believe that we are here and that in just a few short months, my tiniest human will be venturing off into her preschool years. Even as I say that out loud my head shakes in disbelief. I mean, she was only born last year, right? RIGHT!! And there is no possible way come September that a little uniform with be put on to my daughter before she is dropped off for her first day of pre-school.

I think it is safe to say that I am firmly sat in the biggest seat of denial and disbelief possible.

But countless levels of disbelief and denial aside, it’s happening and I am both anxious to get that letter through the door and terrified. I mean, will she get into the preschool that I hope she will? Or will we have to go further afield!? Will she get excepted for P/T or Full? Aaahh!  I guess at the end of it all we’ll just have to wait and see.

I just cannot believe that this tiny baby…

Annabelle - 3 months

…is going into preschool!

How am I going to even cope come her first morning!? Wherever she goes, she’ll be in a little uniform with a cute little backpack and lunch bag. HOW WILL I COPE WITH ALL OF THE CUTE!?

I remember my little Jacobs preschool year and taking him for his first morning it was clear that I was worrying over nothing. He went in, waved goodbye and never looked back. Whereas I was left standing there, alone, unsure what to do, where to go and quite frankly, feeling a little lost.

I think everything feels so much more heightened with Annabelle because I know this is my final child. She’s my last bubba and this will be the last first day of preschool for us. That’s huge and sad, exciting and also amazing too.

But…if waiting for one letter wasn’t bad enough, May brings us the news of what High School my eldest girl has been accepted into – but, I’ll leave that post of emotional dumping for next month. 😉

Are you waiting to hear what Nursery/Pre-school you’re little one has got into? 


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  1. 09/04/2016 / 10:43 AM

    I hope you get what you’re hoping for school wise for both of your children. I’m dreading the stress of that when the time comes for us!

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