Annabelles 3rd Birthday Wishlist

I cannot believe I’m putting this post together. Thinking that in two short weeks my youngest child, my final child, will be turning three. It’s just bonkers and I’m forever wondering where the last three years have gone.

Being a January baby, it means by the time her birthday comes round you’ve just about got everything sorted from Christmas; new toys have new homes, new clothes have a place in her wardrobe etc before you have to do it all again. Thankfully, this year I’ve decided to have her party more low key than her other parties {all two of them!} because it’s just so much effort and she’s just to wee too actually remember it properly. But I’ll be sharing her party in a separate post so keep an eye out for that one.

I absolutely love searching for inspiration on what to get my daughter that is age appropriate for her, will help her with anything from speech development, motor skills, creative play and more. There are so many awesome products out there on the market and with a birthday budget to work to, it was tough to whittle them down to a handful of choices. But I managed it…just.

Toddler birthday wishlist

Traditional Tea Party biscuits // Giant Floor Piano // Amazon Kindle // Moko Kids Kindle Carry case // Melissa and Doug Slice & Bake Wooden Cookie set // Rotating Disco Ball // Play Dishes Tea set //

Tea party biscuits – Annabelle, in the last week or so, has really started to play with the IKEA kitchen she got for Christmas last year. She’s never really played with it before now, and now it’s a main part of her day – so much so it’s called Cafe Belle. You so know I am going to have a sign made up for her! 😉 But this little biscuits will make for a great addition to her food play.

Giant Floor Piano – Annabelle’s a member of our local Funky Monkeys and recently they’ve added a giant floor puzzle to a part of the soft play area. Naturally, it’s a hit with the kids and Annabelles never off when she’s there. So picking her up one of her own was a no brainer! She’ll have a meltdown of happiness when she opens this one for sure! 

Amazon Kindle – We um’ed & aah’ed over the idea of getting her a tablet and mainly because in the reality of things, she’s three. Or soon to be three! But, being the digital age and all we decided that giving her a tablet of her own could actually do her some good. We’ve made the decision to not put Netflix on there because she’d just get far too attached, however educationally fun games she can have plenty of!

Moko Kindle Case – Upon the decision to buy Belle a Kindle we knew it needed a sturdy case and this Moko carry case is amazing and worth every penny!

Melissa & Doug Wooden Cookie set – We love Melissa and Doug and I love the idea of Annabelle baking us some cookies up in her kitchen oven. It even has a super cute oven mitt!

Rotating Disco Ball – Annabelle is nuts about dancing. She’s a proper little groover so I thought she would love this disco ball to make those dancing sessions with her older siblings lots more fun! 

Dishes Tea set – Annabelle, amazingly, has lost all of the little plates she had in a tea set that she got for her first Christmas. So she needed a replacement. Now she’ll have proper little dishes to serve up food to us all and a little place for them all to sit once we’ve ‘washed up’.

So that’s what our little munchkin will open on the morning of her 3rd birthday. We honestly cannot believe she is turning three – if only she’d stay small for a little while longer.

Do you have any great toy gift inspiration for a toddler?


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