American candy subscription box with Taffy Mail {Halloween edition!}

According to … well …everybody, no-one does Halloween quite like the Americans and I have to say, they’re not wrong. From the epic home decorations, cute kids costumes and at the end of the day; ghost stories and carving pumpkins aside – it’s all about trick or treating & filling your buckets with candy. 

My kids have been going crazy over some of the latest YouTubers they have been watching lately {FGTeeV, Guava Juice, Ryans Toy Reviews etc} and they’ve asked me to get this candy or that candy and I didn’t think I would be able to get here in the UK. Wrong! TaffyMail is an American candy subscription service, right here in the UK and they kindly sent us out their October box, which was full to the brim with Halloween candy treats. Understandably my kids went NUTS! 

My kids go crazy for these kinds of boxes because they just love tasting different food and sweets from around the world – I have Dan TDM to thank for that one as he’s done quite a few of that style of video. So during the week, as we were bundled indoors, the schools were closed due to Hurricane Ophelia, we decided to delve into our Halloween themed Taffy mailbox.

We received a whole range of tasty treats, from candy corn M&M’s, Butterfinger peanut butter skulls, Range flavoured Pringles which are pretty legendary, as Pringles go! We also got some caramelised apple Twizzlers, spicy cheery soda – yes, you read that right, spicy! And it was delicious – it tasted a lot like Dr Pepper with a little extra zing in it. We got a cow tail, some Laffy taffy {which is my ultimate favourite American candy of ALL time!}, a candy corn Herseys bar, some Blow Pops, Sour Patch kids, Cauldron skittles and some frosted doughnuts, which were pretty amazing too. 

It’s safe to say that we got a pretty epic box and we really enjoyed going through it all. There wasn’t much that we didn’t like, either. Jacob was all over the Butterfinger peanut butter skull cup – because he is just nuts for anything peanut butter filled! My girls munched their way through the Range flavoured Pringles, barely sharing any – they really are that tasty! 

The box that we were so kindly sent, was their Extra size Taffymail box, which contains up to 20 American sweets which will include at least one can of soda. This will cost £24.99 per month. There are other choices available. You have the Classic which contains 10-12 American sweets, including 1 can of soda for £14.99 per month or the Lite box which contains 4-5 items, no can of soda and costs £7.49 per month. Considering the cost of what American candy is in the UK based American sweet shops here, £7.49 is brilliant for 4-5 items! 

For us, I think the classic is the perfect sized box for our budget and I know the kids will really enjoy getting this treat box once a month. Even though this is the Halloween special Taffymail, we’re already excited about seeing what will be in our Christmas Taffymail!! 


Disclosure: I was kindly sent this box for the purpose of my review. All thoughts, photos & opinions are entirely my own. 


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  1. 28/10/2017 / 9:43 PM

    I think my girls would love a box like this to try. It looks full of tasty treats. They love all the silly American YouTubers. Guava Juice especially. Ugh! lol

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