An afternoon in Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset

We recently flew over to Burnham-on-sea to spend a week at the Haven holiday park there and whilst on holiday we made plans to visit a few places and Weston-Super-Mare had to be one of them. I don’t think I have ever been there before, but having family from Somerset and remembering many holidays over there as a child, I’m sure I have. But nevertheless of it being the first time or not, it was a lovely place to visit with my own family.


We didn’t get the best weather when we got there but in all honesty, the kids didn’t mind the nippy feeling in the air and the wind blowing sand everywhere. As soon as their little toes touched sand everything else faded away and all that mattered was who could build the best sandcastle.¬†

I noticed loads of huts along the promenade selling everything from buckets, slushies, ice-creams and trays of chips. I think a seaside trip is one of the best days out because you have literally everything you need right on the strip. Plus, nothing beats a little fish and chips with one of those little wooden forks by the seaside. Minus those pesky seagulls, of course! Has anyone noticed how big those things are getting? I swear we saw one that was up to my knee!

Regardless of oversized seagulls {seriously, Evolution? Get a grip!} we had a lovely afternoon on the beach. The kids even enjoyed a donkey ride {that has to be done when at the seaside, right?} and it was Annabelles first ever ride on one and she could not have looked more chuffed.


When the wind got a little too excited and blowing sand everywhere {including our mouths and eyes} we made the decision to move off the beach and go for a wander. We took a ride on the Ferris wheel there and I loved being able to fit us all into one carriage to enjoy the experience together.

This was another first for my youngest daughter and I loved being able to experience these new memories and ‘firsts’ with her.

We had a really fun afternoon and after a few hours, we were on the bus back from Weston-Super-Mare back to holiday park in Burnham-on-sea.

Have you ever had a day out at Weston-Super-Mare? Did you have fun?

D xx


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  1. 29/07/2016 / 10:57 PM

    Weston is a place of my childhood! Looks like you had a great time despite the weather x

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