AEG Multifunctional Integrated Oven {inc. Steam function} with

When we moved into our current home, the cooker was the first thing to get a bit of a nose cringe from me. I have always been a firm believer that the kitchen is the heart of a home and with the kitchen appliance we had in place, it didn’t make me feel like our kitchen was ‘the heart of the home’ at all.

So when we had the opportunity to work alongside on a great review, we got very excited. A new cooker has been on our list of ‘things needed’ for years now, so to now to be the owner of this amazing AEG single Integrated Oven with a Steam bake function, is a pretty amazing feeling.

AEG Integrated Oven from
I was a little worried about whether the cooker would fit or not, if I’m honest. I assumed all integrated ovens would be the same size, and thankfully, in this case, it fitted in the space perfectly. Phew! It looked so shiny and fabulous that I really could not wait to turn it on and cook our first family meal in it. We’d be so used to either under or over cooked foods that we felt this cooker would give our family mealtime a whole new lease of life.

However, as assigned by, my first time cooking in this new kitchen appliance would be to make a delicious batch of buns {a baking kit was provided} to give the steam function available on this model a test run.

The steam function on the AEG integrated oven is pretty cool. Preheat your oven as standard, and before you put anything into the oven you need to pour a little water into the section for it in the base of the oven.

AEG Integrated Oven from
You then put in your cake batter or dough, in my case, it was dough, into the oven. You then close the oven door and press the steam function button, this will activate steam to be spread around the oven for the first 15mins of baking. The steam will help the dough rise with perfection and before the end of the bake, the oven will give a burst of hot air to give your dough that light crusty top.

We were sent out a scrumptious cinnamon bun baking kit to use during our review, and I must confess as I mentioned in the video {which I’ll share at the bottom of this post} we’re not big cinnamon fans. So we sort of, just, made our own and why not, right? So we decided we would spread a delicious helping of malteaser chocolate spread on there {if you’ve not tasted that spread yet, then you’ve not lived!}.

After we rolled those up, cut them, popped them into their tins and then into the oven….once baked I drizzled them with yummy royal icing. I’ll not even lie, they looked too good to eat! Once they had cooled a little {but still warm} we all got stuck in and enjoyed one each {Ok so…maybe I had two! Sssh , don’t tell them kids}.

AEG Integrated Oven with Steam function-2

AEG Integrated Oven with Steam function-2
AEG Integrated Oven with Steam function-2
These little buns were insanely tasty little devils and if I am completely honest with you, all 12 were eaten before they even got cold and guess what? We’re not even sorry! 😉

I am so impressed with this AEG Integrated Oven and even more so, that genius steam function. It has literally changed the outcome of my baking and some people may think it’s a little sad to say this, but that excites me. To know that my oven has my back when it comes to serving up deliciously light and fluffy bakes {and breads} to people, is pretty awesome.

Here is a little video I put together for this review, if you enjoy it please do consider giving me a little thumbs up, or if you’re feeling SUPER nice, consider subscribing too. Thank you! xx

Disclosure: This product was provided to me for the purpose of my review. All thoughts and opinions remain my own. 


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