A million pounds richer & the world to travel – where do we go first?

Ok, so the subject of this blog is not fact – I wish! However, just for a second, close your eyes, wish it and with the world at your actual feet – where would you go first? It’s a tough decision to make, right? Or perhaps you have had a place that you’ve longed to go to forever and your first-holiday destination has been made! 

Perhaps you’d love to visit Bora Bora or visit the Pyramids in Egypt. Maybe Walt Disney World has been on your travel bucket list forever and a day – the list of amazing places to visit around the world is endless. But as well as knowing where you plan on going, the next big question hits – who do you take? 

Do you get the Aunties & Uncles on board to have the kids as you & the partner jet off for a little time away together? Or if you’re feeling super flash, take the whole family! Grannies, Grandas, Brothers, Sisters, all the kids and go on one unforgettable holiday somewhere!

I remember my Granda doing this for his whole family and we got to have one amazing holiday in Butlins in Ayr – we’re going back 30yrs ago, so times were certainly different! We even had to hire a coach, due to there being that many of us! Even though it was just a ferry & a coach over to Scotland, we had one unforgettable time away!

There are so many other places to travel to by coach, like Alton Towers {SMC Coach Hire also provide discounted Merlin Attraction tickets with reductions in travel, too!}. When we travelled by coach, in the grander scheme of things it was more cost effective, better for the environment {always a winner} and a more comfortable means of travel – in my opinion anyway. SMC Coach Hire also support a number of charities by donating a percentage of their profits each year! 

However, now that I am ‘all grown up’ {sort of} with a family of my own – I want to show my children the world! So where would I take my bunch if we were million pounds ricer with the world at our feet? 

I’d plan our trip for over their summer school holidays because even though I am all for kids having cultural & educational holidays during term time, I do believe if you have the funds, then they can get their education and have an unforgettable time away, too. Best of both worlds!

So, where would we start? We’d kick off our travel the world summer trip, in Cornwall. I’ve heard so much about it and it looks like such an idyllic place to spend some time with the family – maybe we’d take up surfing!

Our next port of call would be Reykjavik, Iceland. If this is going to be a once in a lifetime/unforgettable summer – then we best visit the most amazing places the world has to offer. Reykjavik in Iceland is one of those places.

We have never been, but it is my dream to have my family experience such things as swimming in the blue lagoon – bathing in warm waters as your surrounded by steam. Learning about the ‘hidden folk’ and hopefully being lucky enough to witness the Northern Lights dance across the sky.

As well as dreaming of that million pounds and travel the world bucket list – we are also big fans of being outdoors, which is why I think taking the kids to the amazing Zion National Park in the USA would be ideal for our next place to visit! Metaphorically, of course! This is a fictional dream/wishlist sort of post after all! 

But being able to witness wildlife in the wild, first hand would be breathtaking. Taking a ride on horseback – making me believe I am one of the City Slickers gang {I’d be Billy Crystal, obviously! Or Norman!} and just having that experience of the great outdoors – cowboy style. Maybe even enjoy a night out under the stars after making smores by the campfire. Absolute bliss. I mean, if those are ingredients for an unforgettable family trip, I don’t know what is! 

So there’s a peek at what we would do if we were a million pounds ricer with the world at our feet. Obviously, there would be a house in there and money put away for the children’s futures etc. But, if you’re going to do anything with your life, in my book, it should be travel with your brood!

I don’t envy those who have money {to literally burn!} for anything more than being able to just hop on a plane to visit wherever they want to go. It’s the only part of having loads of money that I would love the most. Nothing more. Having the ability to explore anywhere, anytime – that’s my dream! 

And to think it all stems from that unforgettable coach filled-to-the-brim family holiday that my Granda Thomas took us all on when we were wee – what a legend he was! 

So, the question I ask YOU is, if you found yourself to be a million pounds ricer and a lover of travel – where would you go? 

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