Making friends with fruit & veg – A Googly fruit review

Ever since my youngest daughter was little, she has loved her fruit & vegetables. You could put anything in front of her and she would eat it, no worries. However, as she has got older, her taste buds have been changing ever so slightly and her love of vegetables has been dwindling. Her love of fruit has remained, however it makes me sad when she doesn’t enjoy her sweetcorn or carrots as much as she used too. 

We were recently sent out a package containing a whole range of Googly fruit products, from the crunchy puffs, squeezy pouches & real fruit made crunchy. Annabelle couldn’t wait to taste them all. Googly fruit snacks are made from 100% organic fruit & vegetables and they are also really handy when you are on the go. I will always have snacks in my bag for my daughter – especially ready for when I pick her up from preschool because she will always be hungry. So being able to give her a bag of crunchy puffs or even a bag of the Googly fruit ‘real fruit made crunchy’ packs, is really handy.

Googly fruit is trying to help children develop a lifelong friendship with fruit and vegetables, so to help with that they have given their fruits some fun names: Bob the Banana,  Penny Pear, Rory Raspberry etc. You can check out the Googly fruit blog and read up on each character & your children can find out more about them. For example, Bob the Banana loves to make people laugh has a really bendy body and he’s always full of energy.

100% Organic fruit
100% organic fruit

I have, to be honest though, she wasn’t the biggest fan of the squeezy pouches. I personally think the range of flavours sounds amazing, but perhaps she was just a little too old for this product. She is 4yrs old and didn’t really take a shine to them. Perhaps these would be better aimed at a little one during the baby lead weaning stage. Gosh, I remember those days well! I also miss those days too. However, the dried fruit pieces & crunchy puffs have made great additions to Annabelle’s preschool backpack.

100% organic fruit snacks

Along with this bundle, we were given some googly eyes to add to our fruit & vegetables – to make them more fun! My daughter really enjoyed giving her orange and Alfie apple a little face each before building them into a tower!

100% organic fruit

The Googly fruit website has a ‘Fun for Kids‘ section, introducing Googly Fruit TV that introduces your child to each of the Googly fruit characters. There are colouring in and learning printables, a timetable printable and even the chance to join in on ‘Mission googly eyes‘ for a chance to win prizes.

Disclosure: We were sent this Googly fruit bundle in return for this post. All photos, thoughts & opinions are my own. 


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