Dealing With Kids, Work, and Your Significant Other: A Balancing Act

Being a mother can be a thankless job at times with everyone wanting something but nobody wants to help out. Those mothers that also have a full-time career have quite the balancing act on their hands. The balance between maintaining a thriving career can take its toll on the family if not managed properly. Kids and a career are both things that need a lot of time and attention. Your significant other can be lost in this so maintaining a healthy relationship with them as well needs to be a priority. The following are tips that will allow a mother to balance all of the things she has to do and people she has to care for during a typical week.

Set The Weekly Schedule For Your Children On The Weekend

Take the time to sit the entire family down on a weekend to look at everyone’s schedule. This could include practices, clubs, and rehearsals as well as transport to and from these activities. Carpooling is a perfect option for busy parents who need help getting their child to school or to a practice.

Do not wait until the last second to do this planning as you do not want to have a child miss a game due to poor planning.

Set Realistic Expectations For Management At Work

Letting management at work understand what your capabilities are is important. Some employers will continue to demand longer hours and more production month after month. If a job simply cannot be done in the allotted time let management know as communication is key.

Those who demand long hours need to realize that you have a family at home. Most of the time that a company keep asking for more hours without overtime pay they are asking for something illegal. Do not let your company push you around and keep you from your family.

Get Back To The Basics Romantically

Kids and work can make it difficult to spend alone time with your significant other. Spending time together does not mean that you have to go to an expensive restaurant just to enjoy the company of one another. Do something that both of you enjoy even if it is just watching the newest show that both of you are addicted to.

Make a point of letting your significant other how much you appreciate them as busy parents often times forget to tell each other how much they need/love the other.

Make Time To Relax Alone Or With Family

A mother seems to spend most of her time with or getting rid of a headache. This can be stress related so it is important to set time aside daily to relax. This could be taking a long shower or sitting in a massage chair while clearing your mind. A gym is a popular option for people to get rid of their stress and clear their mind while doing something good for their health. Quiet mornings can even be the time to relax with the morning paper and a nice warm cup of coffee.

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