5 ways to make the most out of space in a small kitchen

When I was little, all I wanted to do was grow up. Which, I know is the opposite to what our parents want, because they want to try and keep us little for as long as possible. Now? I’m the grown-up, with a family of my own and all I have ever wanted for my family is a beautiful home. 

We have lived in our home for almost 8yrs now.  It’s your standard 3 bedroomed, terrace home and even though she has her faults – we love it all the same. However, if I was ever given the chance to change something, I would.

The kitchen, in my head, is meant to be the heart of a home. Ours is quite small, very outdated {we rent} and has no drawers. I don’t think I have ever seen a kitchen with no drawers before, so utilising the space in our small kitchen is a big focal point for us where our kitchen is concerned. 

Having a small kitchen and – what is considered – a large family, can be tricky but here are 5 ways to make the most out of space in a small kitchen. 

Keep your countertops clear

This is a rule of thumb that I am only starting to adhere to myself. Better late than ever, right? However, I’ve found that storing anything that you only use occasionally in or on top of your cupboards. Keeping those countertops nice and clutter free give the illusion that your kitchen is a little bigger than it actually is. 

My kitchen worktops are the homes of my toaster, kettle, mug tower, two utensil jars, and kitchen roll. I use an under the cupboard storage rack for my mugs and a mug tower next to my kettle. This gives me extra space in the very few cupboards that I have. And any kitchen knives I own are on a magnetic strip above the cooker. 

Vertical storage & a Chalkboard Wall

When we moved into our home it already had one of those pot grids that hung above our kitchen sink. So, naturally, we stored our pots & pans. Now, for me that wasn’t a problem because I’m short, however, it did cause hassle for my husband. So, I changed it from hanging as it did above the kitchen sink and made it a vertical storage solution for our pots & pans. It also looks pretty cool on our wall, too. It even adds a certain modernised feel to our little kitchen which I really like. 

Everyone should have a chalkboard wall in their homes. They are very cool {I think} and the one I painted in our kitchen saves our fridge from becoming a bit chaotic and cluttered with lists & school notes. They’re even great to write shopping lists on too! 

Window Bar table

If, like me, you’d love to have a dining table in your kitchen but you don’t have room for one – I may have a solution for you. Build yourself your own Window Bar table. When I found this idea from Offbeat & Inspired, I literally aww’d out loud because it is so cute.

You can already imagine looking out the window, on a blustery Autumn morning, as you sit on your bar stool, sipping hot tea and enjoying some freshly made jam & toast! 

Shelf risers are life!

When it comes to saving space in our kitchen, I don’t hold back! We are a big family and having a big family with a small kitchen does not work. So, I take no prisoners when it comes to utilizing every single piece of kitchen space I have. So, believe me, when I say – shelf risers are everything! 

Shelf risers allow you to store casserole dishes to your baking trays neatly and effectively – they don’t break the bank either! 

Hang a wall railing {or two!}

We don’t have much usable wall space in our kitchen – which is a bit annoying. However, the one space we do have I have reserved for wall railings. I have this desire to hang pretty plants from it and utensils that can be hung and maybe even some decorations, depending on what season we are in. I cannot resist a seasonal touch around the home. 

Do you have any handy storage solutions for a small kitchen? I’d love to hear them!

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  1. 17/10/2018 / 6:03 PM

    I think how every big your kitchen is, you always seem to make it smaller. I totally agree with keeping the worktops clear. I can’t stand kitchen clutter. I try and pop anything I’m not using in a drawer or cupboard. We bought a welsh dresser purely for hiding away things like champagne glasses and baking stuff that only gets used on occasions.

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