5 ways to get the garden ready for Spring

“No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn.” Hal Borland

With the winter season coming to an end, it’s time that you give your garden a new lease of life for the upcoming spring season. If you’re also looking to achieve a quick house sale then these 5 tips will definitely help you move home faster.

To help you in this task, here are a few tips to make your garden ready for springtime.

Clear Up – Throughout the winter season, the dried leaves and broken branches create a layer of debris. So, to begin with, clean up this layer and the weeds that might have grown. The best and eco-friendliest way to dispose of them is to create your own composting pit.

Prepare the soil – This is one of the most important steps to make your garden ready for plantation. Ensure that the soil is dry enough before you sow any seeds. The best way to check this is to take some soil in your palm, squeeze it into a ball and then drop it from waist height. If it breaks apart when dropped then the soil is ready. When your soil is dry, make sure you churn it with a trowel and you may add some manure or compost to increase its nutrient content.

Get your tools ready – Get all your tools primed and sharpened. Check if you need a new pair of gloves and if your lawnmower is in workable condition or not.

Ready your perennials – Trim the dead stems on your perennial plants to make way for the new ones.

Plan – Before you begin with fresh plantation, come up with a plan and decide what you are going to grow. You should choose wisely according to the time you will be able to spend on gardening. Plants are like babies and they need your complete attention and care to grow and bloom. For instance, if you have a back problem then go for raised beds or if it’s a high maintenance plant, plant it at the edge of your garden for easy accessibility.

Once you have a plan ready, you can go ahead and make your garden as colourful you want. Here are some additional tips if you are looking for something reliable with a long flowering season then dahlias fit this description well. They are showy and bloom from July – October. They are also great for filling the gaps between the spring flowering shrubs.

Middle of April is an ideal time for planting some veggies like carrots, spinach, spring onions, leeks, beetroot, and Swiss chard along with annual herbs such as chervil and parsley.

So, ready, steady and grow!

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