5 places I’d love to visit

As a person who hasn’t really travelled very much during my 35yrs on this planet, it doesn’t mean to say it’s not something I don’t fancy doing. Because I do. Very, very much so. Just, when you become a Mum at 19 you’re ability to just hop on a plane for faraway adventures becomes limited and takes a back seat.

However someone asked me the other day if I could just get on a plane now, money being no object, where would I want to go and that got me thinking which lead to this post being shared with you now. So here are 5 places I’d love to visit if money was no object and I could go tomorrow!

British Columbia, Canada. This has been a place I’ve wanted to visit for as long as I can remember. I’ve always had a love for wildlife and Grizzly bears on the Salmon run and the Grey Whale migrations to name a few are in abundance in BC, Canada.
5_places_I'd_like_to_visit_super_busy_mumPlus, the views are all kinds of breathtaking.

Rejkjavik, Iceland. With being such a wildlife enthusiast, I’m also a little nerdy when it comes to volcanos and being able to see both in this next destination makes me giddy. You can be lowered into a 120m deep volcanic crater, knowing with both nervousness and excitement that even though she hasn’t erupted in 4000yrs, she could wake up and go off at any moment. How exhilarating, right?
Some of the volcanic wonders in Iceland is what attracts me most I think…plus there’s always the whale spotting to grab your interest too.
5_places_I'd_like_to_visit_super_busy_mum1Also…the Northern Lights have always been a true wonder to beyond for me, and to see those in person…just wow’s me.

Peruvian, Amazon. I read online that you can actually join up with a team of scientists {A Citizen Science expedition} to study a whole array of wildlife {big cats, primates etc.} over a seven-day expedition in the Amazon. Some people need sun, sea and sand to make their dreams come true, but this….this is where I know I’d be in my element.
Citizen-science-am_3182331kAfter studying Animal Science in University this place, this expedition has my name all over it.

Sea kayaking, Croatia. I’ve been lucky enough to dabble a little in watersports and I am happy to say I’ve loved them all. But to be able to both kayak and explore inlets, caves and so much more on Croatia’s Dalmation coast would just be the most amazing experience.
Sea-kayaking-croat_3182315kTo be able to wade through, what’s known as, “the cleanest sea in the world” would be quite something to put on the bucket list of places to visit!

Mauritius. This location is a little contrast from those I’ve mentioned above but heading to Mauritius via ITC Luxury Travel isn’t just sea, sea & sand! Oh no…watersports, skydiving, national parks, hiking, waterfalls and let us not forget it is also a volcanic island based on the stunning Indian Ocean.
02MU00-IM1002-mauritius-1475Any of these destinations would make for such an amazing experience and I have made a promise to myself that one or all will happen one day.

If money was no object for you and you could jet off tomorrow, where would you go?

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  1. 01/10/2015 / 11:32 AM

    Wow, proper jealous looking at those photos! We’ve been to Iceland and really enjoyed it, would definitely recommend. Not been to BC, but we went to the likes of Toronto, Ottawa and loved it around there, so I’d definitely be up for going back to Canada. You’re buying me a ticket, right?!

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