5 children’s bedroom ideas that parents will love

When decorating your child’s bedroom you’re sure to want to create a fun living space where they can learn and play to their heart’s content. If you’re arty you could put together an eye-catching mural of their favourite cartoon characters – or be inspired by a general theme such as pirates or princesses. It’s a great opportunity to let your imagination run wild and allow your creative juices to flow. Here we look at five great ideas both you and your child will love.

Blackboards: Children love to draw but we don’t really want them drawing on our freshly painted walls so why not incorporate a blackboard into their room? That way they can draw as much as they like. You can either pick up a ready-made blackboard and attach it to a wall or pick up some blackboard (chalkboard) paint from a hardware store such as B&Q and paint it straight onto a wall in their bedroom. They’ll love being creative and coming up with their own designs. Have a look at Room to Bloom for some really inspirational ideas on incorporating a blackboard into their bedroom.

Themed wallpaper: As a child I remember having fairy tale wallpaper in my room. I used to trace my finger up and up the winding staircases and through the clouds on my journey to the castle. I imagined tip-toeing past sleeping dragons and meeting the fairies who would protect me on my adventures. Today, there is a huge range of children’s wallpaper available so they can immerse themselves in their own adventures. Choose from Marvel Comic strips to Disney characters, jungle themes and more.

Play dens: Children enjoy having their own little hideaways to play in and dens are a great addition to any child’s bedroom. You could pop in a little Wendy house or a play shop. If you really want to go to town then have a look at the clever teepees at Justfortinypeople.com. Founder Effie Moss grabbed attention when she appeared on Dragon’s Den in series 12 with her magical teepee hideaways and won herself Deborah Meaden as an investor.

Space savers: If you have a small home, bunk beds or ‘zip and link’ beds are a great choice for two children sharing a room. Bunk beds are often chosen for young children but eventually they become too big for these, need their independence and the  will need to be sold. Zip beds are an ideal solution as they can be zipped together to create one large bed for when the child is older but can also be unzipped into two beds for two children sharing a room. The zippers cannot be felt through the mattress as they are conveniently hidden away for complete comfort.

Bring the outdoors inside: Glow in the dark stick-on ceiling stars give a magical feel to a child’s bedroom and they can go to bed imagining they are sleeping under a starry night. To go one step further you could even purchase an LED plug-in night light that projects the solar system onto their bedroom ceiling so they can drift off to sleep under the planets. We found these available on eBay.

Whatever theme or idea you go for when decorating your child’s room, ensure it is a place where they can feel safe, thrive and be creative. That way you’re both bound to be happy.

*This is a collaborative post.


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