4 Must-Try Winter Activities in Tasmania

The rugged beauty of Tasmania is one of the major reasons why it draws attention to people from across the globe. With its enchanting scenery, tons of exhilarating activities, and awesome attractions you will definitely have an unforgettable trip here. It will always be a great idea to choose this destination when going on a vacation, especially during the winter season.

Apparently, Tasmania becomes more alluring in winter. You can have plenty of enjoyable things to do in the region while the air is crisp and snow dust fall from the mountains and trees. Listed below are some of the best things you should not miss when winter comes in Tasmania:

Take a sip of the famous Tasmanian whisky

Sip a nip of Tasmanian whisky and indulge with its alcoholic goodness! In fact, winter is the ideal season to taste this kind of beverage that has become extremely popular in the whole world these days. You can visit various distilleries, like Hellyers Road Distillery, Lark and Sullivans Cove, and Launceston Distillery, to fully enjoy this fantastic whisky tasting experience.

Witness the unique Huon Valley Mid-Winter Festival

If you happen to be in Tasmania in July, don’t forget to catch the Huon Valley Mid-Winter Festival. It is a celebration of the region’s ancient tradition of wassailing as well as the apple growing history. You will witness a ceremony in which revellers bang drums, pans, and pots as well as sing to scare away some evil spirits, awake the cider apple trees, and guarantee a good harvest of fruit. It is certainly a gift to the tree spirits.

Treat yourself something sweet at Chocolate Winterfest

Calling all chocolate lovers out there! Chocolate Winterfest will absolutely delight a lot of sweet tooth from anywhere. There is an excellent reason for you to head to Tasmania in August when this festival is being held. It takes place in Latrobe and is truly an event that is all about chocolates. There are even workshops on how to make your own chocolate delights. You can taste different kinds of chocolates, too! What a sweet treat, right?

Experience the vibrant Dark Mofo

Mark your calendars and attend Tasmania’s premier winter event, Dark Mofo. This mid-winter festival happens every June and is hosted by the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA). Its highlights include the Winter Feast, which is for all food lovers, and the Winter Solstice Nude Swim that is meant for everyone who can brave the freezing temperatures and swim naked at the Derwent River. Certainly, this is one of the major attractions you should experience in Tasmania.

Have a wonderful vacation in Tasmania and try out these activities mentioned above! You are sure to make your trip one for the books and full of fun. Indeed, a winter adventure in Tasmania is always a nice idea and truly worth it. Simply plan your getaway with family or friends ahead of time and make the most of your escapade. You will have memorable moments to treasure all your life, for sure.

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