3 Advantages when working from home

When I shared the first post on my blog over two and a half years ago, I never thought I’d be able to make it into a little part-time job. Even though my aim is to make my blog into a full-time profession, having her part-time {at the moment} is enough for me. I mean, she’s getting there and that excites me; so I thought I’d share my own personal 5 advantages when working from home.

Juggling the work side of my blog as well as my home life can be one hell of a struggle and I know there are a lot of you out there that know exactly what I mean. Having to deal with toddlers, school runs, meal times and deadlines can make your day go by in a flash; and organisation is key when juggling my work & home life at once.

So, my first advantage when working from home…is not having to spend ridiculous amounts of money on travel tickets and carry-out food for lunch.

Advantage number two when working from home…is having a device that I can do everything I need to do on it as I juggle my home life. For example, I am able to comment on blog posts, check emails, surf the web for research and more as I make lunches, help with finding jigsaw pieces etc.

The amazing fact that from my phone alone, I can take photos, upload them to social media, type up and publish blog posts, read books, video chat, watch TV shows and movies. I can play games, catch up on the news, do some online banking, make notes, set reminders, record memories; and being able to do all of that from one single device is pretty awesome and saves us loads of time too. You can read more on ‘one device to do it all’, here.

OneDeviceToDoItAllDellBlue (turtle)
My third advantage when working from home is…being able to constantly be there with and for my children. Being able to be home to do the school runs, help with homework, prepare their meals, help with upsets or praise them with triumphs is a true gift. Being able to work from home, to provide and be there for my family, is a truly precious gift that I feel very lucky to be able to do.

I love working from home, and I love that having a ‘one device to do it all’ allows and helps me to do so, as I juggle everything that being a Mum involves too!

Do you work from home? Or is it something you’ve thought about doing?

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