10 things to do with your Leftover Halloween candy!

Ever since we moved into where we live now, I can {sadly} count on one hand the amount of trick or treaters we’ve had on Halloween. This means trick or treating around our way isn’t fun due to people being scrooges and pretending to not be home {when we know they really are} and little kids dressed as witches and werewolves are left with sad faces {and empty buckets}. It’s pretty tragic, right?

So, before leaving to go to my Sister in laws over on the other side of Belfast I left a little sign at our door, along with a bowl of candy {with added cobwebs and pumpkins} for any little trick or treaters that may pop by. Sadly none did, but I guess I was prepared either way.

However, once we got to my Sister in laws and the kids were in their fancy dress costumes and gently swinging their treat buckets with excitement, we were ready to go trick or treating! This was my youngest daughters first time trick or treating and it could not have been more magical for her. My 3 youngest came home with three candy buckets full to the brim! But what were they going to do with it all? I certainly wasn’t going to let them eat it all! So that’s when I thought putting together this post, giving you a few ideas of what you can do with any leftover candy would be a neat idea.


1. Melt down any chocolate bars to drizzle over cupcakes, or use in smores. We love smores in this house! Yum!

2. Use any leftover Halloween candy to add onto your Christmas gingerbread houses. Not eating those chewits, or refresher bars or even those mini boxes of smarties will come in super handy.

3. Make cupcakes topped with tiny bits of candy for the Christmas school fair. Every school has a Christmas fair, right?

4. Do you have a birthday party coming up? Use the leftover Halloween candy in a pinata or party bags.

5. Donate a load to a local food bank.

6. You could make a care package for soldiers out fighting in Iraq. I’m sure they’d really appreciate it!

7. Did you get skittles on your treat bucket this Halloween? Maybe you could try painting with skittles instead of scoffing them all!

8. Consider adding one piece of Halloween candy into your Christmas advent calendar this year. A treat a day!

9. Freeze it! According to foodies, frozen candy/chocolate bars can keep in a freezer for up to a year! Save it for a rainy day perhaps?

10. Make a candy necklace!

I hope some of these ideas help….we’re off to make us some smores! Delicious!

D xx


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  1. Emma Devere
    08/11/2016 / 4:06 PM

    Love all of these x

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