Yogurt buttons!

So ok, anyone else here on a daily basis stumped for snacks and ideas to give to their toddlers? Surely it’s not just me! So I am going to start up a little weekly series of perfect snacks for our gorgeously destructive toddlers.

This week I’m starting with these gorgeously simple, scrumptious yogurt buttons. So easy to make and judging by the reaction of my toddler, they are pretty darn tasty too! I think they are a perfect alternative if she is after a little sweetie type treat.

These could not be easier to make. All I did was empty three little fromage frais yogurts into a piping bag – although you can just use some greek yogurt and blended strawberries {or whatever fruit you fancy really!}. The combinations are fabulously endless. I just had these wee yogurts to hand, so I took the super duper easy route for a quick and tasty little treat.

Then from the piping bag, I just made little button shapes onto some wax paper and popped them into the freezer for around 20 minutes or so.

The three little yogurts pots made around 30 buttons, and with the first half we left plain, but with the second batch we decided they needed a little flair – so we added sprinkles!

I knew Annabelle would LOVE these so I was excited to share them. Her dinner wasn’t even wiped off her face before she spotted them! The delight on her face speaks volumes!


Once she got a taste, she was hooked! It was such a lovely thing to see her enjoying something a little different and also something that took so little time to make!

I wonder what flavoured yogurt buttons we’ll make next! The possibilities are endless! Plus, I love how perfect this snack is for my toddler!

What would you add to yogurt to make tasty little bites like this?



  1. 05/09/2014 / 11:57 AM

    My son loves yoghurt so this is the perfect dessert for him. Thanks for the recipe, I am giving them a try this week-end! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Kgomotso recently posted…Scandi labels for cool boysMy Profile

  2. Tracy Hanley
    05/09/2014 / 2:13 PM

    hat a great idea , i will be getting my granddaughter to help me make some of these ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Lucy
    05/09/2014 / 8:22 PM

    These are a great idea, think I will try it with fromage fraise as my blender broke and we need to replace it
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  4. 01/10/2014 / 5:12 PM

    Yum! What a brilliant idea!

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