What an adventure!

My Daddy works his nuts off. Day in, day out, so if anyone deserves a break from the strains & long hours of work, it’s him. So I am truly elated to be following his adventures in Las VEGAS no doubt, with his Brother since they arrived there last week.

They have been shooting seriously heavy artillery in Battlefield Vegas, sky jumping off of the Stratosphere Hotel {1,100ft}, as you do! And just yesterday did an insane 15,000ft skydive, consisting of 45secs of free fall at 125mph followed by 8 glorious minutes of gliding before putting their feet back on solid ground.  

They are literally having the times of their LIVES and I am so happy for them that my stomach feels like its hosting a Butterfly disco! Personally I think they are INSANE for the things they are doing, but you only live once right? And I had no idea that my Daddy & Uncle were such adrenaline junkies! 

They have so much more lined up to do! From the Grand Canyon, doing a proper Cattle ranch cowboy ‘Yeeeehawww’ stuff, white water rafting and more! 
Are you an adrenaline Junkie like these two headers? 

13 thoughts on “What an adventure!

  1. J Bonafilla

    I am super impressed! What a pair of wild boys! It’s great that they’re having the time of their lives, and you are absolutely right to be proud of them. Hope they enjoy the white water rafting and all the other adventures that their trip has in store. All the best, Bonny x

  2. pixiedusk

    I am scared of heights, speed and well just about everything actually. Looks like they are having the time of their lives. This is so cool. I wish my father can do this too. I know his dream is to drive or just be a passenger of a racing car. Thanks for sharing =) #magicmoments

  3. Mummy's Blog

    Urgh, my husband did all those crazy rides and things at the Stratosphere. I have never felt so sick in my whole life! I took a few photos then it got all too much for me so I tried to distract myself by wandering around the gift shop until he came back in one piece! Jumping off a building for fun is definitely not my cup of tea, lol. Glad they’re having a good time, it’s an amazing place x

  4. Donna

    OMG! We went to Vegas as our ‘before kids’ blowout holiday. 5 days and did so much. We went up the Stratosphere and saw the nutters jumping off it. NO WAY! x

  5. Charly Dove

    Oh wow Debs, that’s an adventure and a half! They must be having the best time, good for them. Sounds like they totally deserve to enjoy an amazing experience. Vegas is supposed to be incredible, my husband has been. Thanks for sharing with #whatsthestory


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