Ultimate guide when travelling with children!

I’ve traveled quite a lot with my children when they were quite young and it was always an experience that if I’m honest, I dreaded. Flying in particular, I mean, who wouldn’t! Toddlers can be unpredictable at the best of times so when you place that into a pressurized cabin space, thousands of feet in the air, nowhere to go….I don’t know about you, but it makes my heart race. 

Thankfully we’ve only had one toddler meltdown whilst on a flight & that was due to the earache when your descending and coming into land. Babies/toddlers can’t exactly suck on a sweet {which I’ve helps, loads!} and a crying little one isn’t a fan of keeping their dummy in, if they even use one!

So in preparation for our travels next week, here’s a few of my tips that I’ve found helps us through the experience.

Let the older kids have their own bags, filled with fun & engaging activities to keep them entertained. Reading books, colouring-in books, crayons/felt tips, stickers, travel games, you get the idea.

Have you heard of the travel fairy? Apparently she pops by as you sleep, the night before your holidays and leaves you little gifts in your bag to keep you entertained. All wrapped with pretty paper too! So hopefully she doesn’t forget our three little monkeys.

Let the toddler run free when you can as while you wait in the departure lounge, they’ll tire themselves out and be ready for a little sit down time during the flight. Annabelle will love having free reign of an entire airport!!

Snacks! Pack everyone a little munchie bag and minus the sweets! Can you imagine a kid/toddler on a sugar high at 15,000ft? Yeah! Then consider the sugar crash too! No thank you! Ham/cheese muffins, breadsticks, fruit, belvita breakfast biscuits are a big winner with my lot too! I find dishing out snacks during take-off & landing will help best to keep the ear aches at bay!

Pipe cleaners are wonderous things, I’ll be storing these in the childrens bags to keep them occupied, whether it be on the plane or train! They can be creative and make a collection of pipe cleaner people to play with.  

Printables! I have a few printed out for each child, robots & faces with different looks and the faces are blank for the children to unleash their creativity onto. It’ll be fun to see what their imaginations come up with.

Jelly window stickers are a big hit, especially with little ones. All colourful, bright, look as though they light up when you put them on a window. They’ll spend ages putting them on the window of the plane, car or train, taking them off and repeating. Endless fun!

iPad, Mobile phones can be a life saver and even though they cannot be used during your flight {especially for short hauls like ours} it will be a godsend for our train journey. We’ve loaded it with Annabelle’s favorite Princess Sofia and a few movies and apps to keep them all entertained & happy. 

Watch out for the Airplane Police! My kids have an award winning knack for playing up during the times when it’s needed the least. So I think this will be a good thing to remind them if they misbehave, the Airplane police don’t allow badly behaved children to fly! 

I know you can plan all you like for certain things and 9 times out of ten those plans will deflate in front of your eyes, like a flan in a cupboard. So my main tip for travelling with kids is to just…roll with it and remember….eventually your plane, train or automobile will finally reach it’s destination! 

3 thoughts on “Ultimate guide when travelling with children!

  1. Late For Reality

    I never thought about window stickers but what a great idea! Were off to Cornwall in a few weeks so will be plenty of stops at services for a run around and Peppa Pig on the DVD player in the car…fingers crossed Ted isn’t travel sick like his Mumma!


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