The Mad Mid-Week Blog Hop!

Welcome to this weeks #MadMidWeekBlogHop

If this is your first time popping by, then welcome! It’s great to have you! And if you’re a regular then it’s fabulous to see you again!! 

Thanks so much for everyone who joined in last week! I think we actually had a record of 49 fabulous blogs link-up! I have been so busy this last week that I am still making it round all of you who linked up last week! I will be round everyone to give you a comment and a tweety shout-out over the course of today!
This last week for us has been full of highs & OMG situations! From my eldest daughter asking me to buy her a bra, to Jacob saying bye bye to his stabilisers and Annabelle has even started saying the word “Yes!” at least, it sounds like yes, so I’m taking as that and RUNNING with it. 

I’ve also been following the adventures of my Dad & Uncle who are currently living the high action packed sort of lifestyle, in Las Vegas right now. Yesterday they were walking over the Sky walk in the Grand Canyon, I even saw a photo of my Dad sitting on the END of the Grand Canyon! Personally I would’ve filled my trunks, but it made for an epic photo!
Mad man!
Just a few things…your posts can be old or new, no giveaways please, no other linkys and please link up with a post & not a direct URL to your blog as those will be deleted

If you do link up please do pop over to your host, Super Busy Mum, leave me a wee comment to let me know you’ve linked up and please make it round to as many other beautiful bloggers as you can. Doesn’t have to be everyone! But sharing a little love is better than sharing none! xx

Sharing the blogging love is what these linkys are all about!
Now lets get hoppin’!

Please feel free to grab the badge to have on the bottom of your post!

Super Busy Mum

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