A photo everyday for a year! #365project {Week 1}

A new year brings a new start and that also means joining in with the #365project. Basically taking a photo every single day for the entire year and sharing it with you guys. I’m excited about joining in with this project again this year for two reasons; my attempts to join in last year went to the dogs and secondly, photography is a huge focus of mine this year.

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Week 2 #Developinglife Round-up {& reaching 11k!}

If you’re reading this post, welcome! – It’s week 2 of my #developinglife round-up on Instagram and I really should order those balloons I mentioned last week because we’ve hit 11,000!!! I might even have the kids take some photos for me. They’re always pestering me to get their hands on my camera. Even the 3yr old, so you can imagine how my nerves are with that.

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52 Saturday mornings {a year long photo project}

I don’t know about you guys but a Saturday morning for us, {aside from it being the husband’s lie-in morning} is my favourite day of the week. So when I saw the idea to do a 52 Saturday mornings photo project I knew that it would the photography project for me. Among the several others that I am currently delving into also! Busy! Busy!

I just think the idea of capturing the essence of your Saturday morning each week for an entire year is such a lovely idea. Our Saturday mornings are usually quite slow, very chilled out but we do have lots of trips & things planned this year too. So I’m looking forward to capturing little moments of our Saturday mornings along the way.

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#LittleLoves; Back to school & preparing for a birthday

With the shift arrival of 2017, I bring my determined mind to get involved with lots of blog-related things. Things I joined in with last year but faded mid-way through the year. Bad me, I know! But that revelation aside here is my first #LittleLoves post of 2017! This week has seen my kids all go back to school {much to their dismay!} and the birthday preparations have begun for my littlest girl. 

Having the children all back to school comes with mixed emotions. On one level I’m sad because I’ve loved having my team at home {the lie-ins were also appealing} and on the other hand, I’m so very happy. I’m a creature that requires routine and having the kids back to school gives me just that.

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