Week 5 #DevelopingLife round-up

Gosh, I just cannot seem to get a spare moment to have these posts up on a Monday, can I!? Hopefully, in time, I’ll align my life enough to be organised and ‘on time’. However, WELCOME BACK to another #developinglife round-up week – I trust we’ve all been well?

I am literally just getting round to liking and commenting on the last week’s photos and WOW, how many? I absolutely love seeing so many of you joining in so bear with me as I play catch up. This last week has been all about Annabelle turning four, and work, and homework, and cake making and so on. It’s been a pretty full on week, which I will share on the blog soon. However, for now, I think I should just get on with sharing my top three favourites, right?

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Our day trip to Castlerock {in photos}

Last weekend we took an impromptu day trip to Castlerock. A little seaside village up on the North Coast of northern Ireland and it’s a place dear to my heart. We spent every school holiday at the caravan in Castlerock when I was younger; it’s also a place I’d love to share with my children too.

A few years ago I took my two older boys with one of their friends. They were just nine and ten years old at the time and we spent the day body boarding on the beach. Something my Brother & I used to do as kids right on that very beach. Sharing that with them was pretty amazing and seeing them love it as much as I did was really bittersweet.

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Raising girls {talking birds, bees and monthly cycles!}

Recently, I was invited to take part in the Mummy conversations campaign with Canesten® to help empower other Mums to be able to talk to their daughters about puberty & their own intimate health.

I am a Mother of five children. Three boys & two girls. Boys pretty much raise themselves {in a way} but it’s the girls I find need a bit more fine-tuning because let’s face it, we have more to maintain on the body front than the boys do.

Boys don’t have to shave their legs, or their armpits, wax their upper lip because a moustache is trying to make you look like your Dad or {and this is the big one} deal with cramps, mood swings and bleeding from the genitals for 5-7 days each month. Yay to being a woman, right?

So, as a Mother to my two daughters, it also makes it my job to make sure they are both up-to-speed on how to maintain themselves. Thankfully, my youngest daughter is far too young for any of the above, however, my older daughter {currently eleven} is on the cusp of womanhood.
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