Preparing my child for Primary school

Since Annabelle’s tongue tie diagnosis in December 2015, preparing her for Primary school has been one of our top priorities. Of course, building that communication barrier with her was first & foremost our first building block. Then it’s been focusing on her attention span, learning our sounds and words and of course forming sentences. Thankfully all of our hard work, as a little speech delay butt-kicking team has paid off. 

I’m in no way saying that the journey over the last year was an easy one. It’s had many steps forward {and back!}; we’ve had upsetting moments, as well as ecstatic ones. But the most important thing was getting our little non-talking girl, speaking and communicating. This last year has seen some pretty insane and frankly, quite impressive tantrums from my girl due to her speech delay. I’d be lying if I said each tantrum she had didn’t break my heart a little.

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The ‘Sound of Happy’ with Danone

*Advertorial brought to you by C&G baby club

The Happy Song: #SoundofHappy

A little while ago I published a post, sharing with you {as asked by C&G baby club} the sounds that made my little girl giggle when she was a baby; she loved the infamous blowing raspberries, and the sound of Daddy coming home made her the happiest of all. In fact, even though she is older now, those things still make her happy – there’s nothing more infectious than a child’s laugh, am I right? Once they start laughing, you start laughing and before you know it everyone nearby is emanating happiness. The sound of happy is a pretty wonderful and simplistic thing to have in life.

C&G baby club asked loads of you guys, Mums and Dads of the UK, as well as psychologists to ask their opinion on what exactly it is that makes your baby/child happy? What is that exact thing to make that little smile on their face go from ear to ear?

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Our Bucket list for 2017

Spending time together as a family is so important and it’s something that we’re guilty of not doing enough. So, when I saw a bucket list idea over on What the Redhead Said blog, I knew we had to join in & make a family bucket list of our own.

Every year we have this habit of making plans together and 9 times out of 10 they fall through. Life gets in the way or money will be short. This year, however, that will not happen! Because I plan to do as much, if not all of these amazing, fun {some on a budget, other’s we’ll save for} things on our list throughout the year.

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