6 Potty training tips for little boys!

5 Potty Training tips for boys
I have three sons, so I know all too well the difficulties of potty training our little men. So here are a few of my top tips for potty training little boys. 
Make sure, without a shadow of a doubt that your little guy is ready! Nothing can cause more stress {for you} and pressure on your child than trying to push them to do something that they are not ready for. My son wasn’t ready until he was 3 and a half! Where my daughter was potty trained 1 week after turning two. 
Introduce a potty to your LO before the training starts. I bought my son a potty for his 3rd birthday {he was so not as ready as his sister when he was two, so we delayed him a year}. Place one in your bathroom, living room, I pretty much had a potty in every room of the house, because you never know when those little bladders are going to time the next “wee wee”
If/when your LO is showing those fabulous signs that he’s ready, pick a time slot for when you don’t have much planned. I was housed for almost a week, potty training my youngest son! 

Let you LO choose their own “big boy pants” {my son loved this and of course chose Toy Story!} and make a big deal of them becoming a “Big boy”. Although to start off it may be easier to let them run about with their little chunky bums out! Just until they get the hang of it, cancel out the boy pants faffing to pull them down on time.

It’s a little harder for boys to go for a wee into a potty than a girl. As if they sit down and forget to “tuck” the pee-pee into the potty, well…you don’t need me to tell you what happens. So have you ever thought of investing in a training urinal for boys? I’d no clue these existed when potty training my boys! I wish I did though as they rock!!

They can be attached to the rim of your toilet, and even to your bathroom wall. Amazing huh! And much much easier for our little boys, don’t you think? I’ve seen these on eBay,  Amazon and I believe Tommee Tippee even sell one! 
Praise, Praise Praise! Make the biggest deal of him peeing into his potty that you can! It’ll make him feel A-MAZING! So much so he’ll be encouraged to do it again {and again…and again!} 

A few fun incentive/game ideas!

Target Practice – I did this with my sons, it’s such fun and the boys thought it was loads of fun. I’d pop 3 to 4 cheerios into the toilet bowl and when it was “pee-pee” time, they had to aim and hit a cheerio! They thought this was amazing and it really encouraged them to want to do it again. 

Piggy bank fun – We’d place a piggy bank in the bathroom and every time they used the potty or the big boy toilet, they’d get 10p and at the end of the week {after jingling their piggy bank excitedly} they could use their savings to go on some of their favorite amusement rides when we went shopping etc.

Changing colours technique – This is a super science-y one which I personally love and as did my son! I would add a few drops of blue food colouring into the toilet and once he would “pee”, the urine made the blue turn into green, this fascinated my LO! So we’d use different colours each time, next we’d try using red colouring and he would screech with joy when he watched it turn orange.

Well, I hope if you have some a little chap heading into his potty training days soon, that some or even one of my tips help!

How have your past/present potty training experience been like? Do you have any tips to add to the list? 

Butternut Squash Fries

I’m not a big “cooked from scratch” girl, even though I’d love to be. I get to cook something homemade maybe, once a week. However, in reality, I’m a pretty darn busy Mama bear and always doing something, answering to someone else, or seeing to other people’s needs. 

But, now the children are back to school, it’s just Belle & I at home, thus, giving me some  extra time slack to bake/cook a little more, which excites me. So this week I managed to bosh together a delicious batch of Butternut Squash fries. 

I’ve started making Miss Belle some lunchtime snacks, and this week I’m starting with Butternut squash. Now, butternut squash isn’t something I’ve ever tasted {or intend too! I’m fussy!} but it’s healthy, nutritious and perfect for any growing child. 

Butternut Squash fries is a super easy recipe {even for a kitchen newbie, like myself!}. All you need is a fresh butternut squash, cut it in half, scoop out the inner seeds then cut them into “sticks”. Once that’s done, place some baking paper on a baking tray, lay on your sticks and drizzle with a little Olive oil and finally pop into the oven at 180 degrees until golden brown {20 mins or so} – easy peasy!Butternut squash friesButternut squash fries
Annabelle really enjoyed these and I reckon I’ll make them for her again soon! 


Home Improvement Hero Challenge with Moneysupermarket.com!

I was lucky enough to be given £50 from MoneySupermarket.com to take part in the #HomeimprovementHero Challenge
My Home improvement Hero challenge took off pretty quickly and I knew The room I wanted to revamp was our bedroom. It’s forever being used as a laundry dumping ground and has not been “our room” for a long time, if ever! So we decided to change that! 
I mulled for days what my plans were for the budget makeover until I finally got started!

Here’s our room before I started.

So as you can see, it was very boring and plain! 
Where’s the romance that a couples bedroom SHOULD have!?
Here’s what I did…

English Fire Crown Paint {B&Q} – £18.95
Poppy Canvas {Poundstretchers} – £9.99
Heart Tea light holder {B&M} – £2.99
Red Rug {B&M} – £5.99
Wooden heart wall hanging {Poundstretchers} – £1.99
Rose lights {B&M} – £4.99
Blank Canvas {B&M} – £1.99 {added the “love” myself}
 Potpourri decorative balls {in the fireplace, from B&M} – £2.99

= £49.88

All other pictures, bedding, wall art not listed above in the shots where already in our house. Just moved to our new gorgeous bedroom! I even stole the plant from our kitchen windowsill!

This Home improvement challenge was tough {with 3 kids at home to work around!} and I found it hard to get a hold on what we wanted. But I think we got there in the end. Doing this challenge, has not only dramatically changed the look of our room, but the feel of it too. I sleep more at ease at night knowing there isn’t a pile of laundry leering at me. It feels more like “our” room now, and we love it!! Thank you Moneysupermarket.com

This challenge was in conjunction with the #HomeImprovementHero Challenge with Moneysupermarket.com