French Toast Roll-ups

I cannot remember where I was looking when I came across the idea to make the madhouse some of these delicious french toast roll-ups. But I knew when I saw them, I had to make them! We love a good plate pile up of french toast on a Sunday, so this adds a bit of a naughty twist to that Sunday morning tradition we seem to have. 

French toast roll ups have a super gooey and delicious centre and when I tasted my first one, I think I fell a little bit in love. You can either use cinnamon sugar or regular, I chose to go with regular but my daughter has already exclaimed to get my hands on some cinnamon sugar for next time. 

To make these delicious roll-ups I took out a dozen rounds of bread and removed their crusts. I then flattened each slice out with a rolling pin. 
Next was the filling! The kids asked to have a Nutella filling {how could I argue!} so Nutella they got. I spread a little on the edge of each slice, before rolling each one up tightly their delicious demise.

Then dunk them in your regular french toast batter and cook those bad boys up! Straight from the pan I rolled ours in a thin layer of sugar and then they can be drizzled or dunked in maple syrup, whatever you’re little heart desires!
You can have whatever filling you like in these and I am looking forward to trying out different fillings over the next few weeks!
Do you have any ideas for what our next filling could be? 

Easter Marshmallow treats

Easter Marshmallow Treats

I came across this very cute & easy bake over on Pinterest {where else?}. With Easter coming up and us in dire need to get messy in the kitchen again, this has to be made. These Easter marshmallow treats will be a hit for all the family – hell, get the kids into help make these little beauties too!

The ingredients you’ll need are:

– Baking paper– White chocolate

– Mini marshmallows
– Sprinkles to go on top. We got cute Easter ones from Amazon.

Easter Marshmallow TreatsI started with melting my chocolate. Now, even though I usually melt my chocolate in a glass bowl over a simmering pot of water, this time I must confess, I used the microwave. Mainly because my glass bowl has gone on a walkabout, yet to be found! But I was surprised how much easier it was melting chocolate in the microwave {possibly just been converted}. 

Once the chocolate was melted, I added the marshmallows. Mixing to make sure they were well covered before pouring the mixture out on to my baking tray lined with baking paper. Make sure you don’t mix for too long as the marshmallows will start to melt and we don’t want that happening!

Easter Marshmallow TreatsI quickly flatted the mixture out over the bottom of the tray and then once I was happy with that I added something pretty….
Easter Marshmallow Treats 
Easter Marshmallow TreatsOnce the glorious sprinkles where added I popped it into the freezer. We’re putting it into the freezer so the marshmallows don’t continue to melt in the hot chocolate whilst in the fridge, before setting. Once set, take it out and leave it to come back up to room temperature.

Once at room temperature just cut it up, whether you choose to use a cutter, just dice it up into squares, it’s your choice. We used an Easter egg shaped cutter for this bake.
Easter Marshmallow Treats

Easter Marshmallow Treats
Easter Marshmallow Treats 
Easter marshmallow treats are super easy to make, so bash up a batch and Enjoy!

Living Arrows

My youngest boy, Jacob is such a sensitive soul, which brings me to share this weeks Living arrows post. He shines in the darkness, he loves unconditionally, he makes sure you know you are loved, adored and he doesn’t mind wearing his heart ever so proudly on his little sleeve. 

He’s always been that way. A soft little soul with a heart of gold. A heart big enough to love everyone equally and I love how he doesn’t mind displaying his adoration and love for others. Especially his siblings. Especially his little sister, who he just…..fawns over. The passed few days, Annabelle hasn’t been herself. With teething and a little cold getting her down, Jacob swooped in to just….sit with her as she watched a little TV. 

As I watched them both I almost cried. Jacob was so gentle, loving, caring, his eyes screamed love for this little girl he can call his sister and it was a real pleasure to watch.

I even managed to capture a few moments they shared…

Cute right? This little guy kills me. Totally knocks my heart right out of the park. 

He is without a doubt, 100%, Mummys little old world Gent. 


Sisters sharing a bedroom!

Sisters sharing a bedroomA few months ago I had a spur of the moment idea of putting both of the girls into one bedroom. After running the idea past the darling man, he gave me the go ahead and off I went into a nesting frenzy {and I’m not even pregnant!}. To say I was excited about my little Sisters sharing a bedroom would be an understatement. 

Moving everything took some time and the reality came to light that, the girls had way more toys & other belongings that I even thought possible. But eventually, they all found a home, meaning they are in a nice box either in their wardrobe or under Ellies bed! Out of sight, out of mind, right?!

We didn’t paint their walls, as that would’ve cost a small fortune, so I went for wall decals instead as a way to give their bare cream walls a little bit of fun instead. I bought two chest-of-drawers from Argos {costing £100 for the two} for the insane amount of clothes both of the girls have and bought Ellie some new bedding. That was it. Oh, other than a string of bunting and a metal sign for their wall. It was surprising how much different the room looked & felt with minimal cosmetic work and a little flare.

I’m really pleased how it turned out and the overall feel of the room. Next challenge? Jacobs Marvel room, wish me luck on that one!!

Do you have Siblings sharing a bedroom at home?