Our jam-packed Halloween weekend!

Wow, what a Halloween weekend of spooky, fun-filled celebrations. It’s been so much fun and even though right now, at this very second, I could sleep for an entire week! {Thank goodness it’s half term!} I’m glad we did everything over the past weekend, because, it’s all about making memories, right?

We have been pumpkin carving, celebrating with family, dazzled by fireworks and generally just enjoying every Halloween festivity that we could. We don’t drive, nor do we enjoy traveling far with the kids because, you know, three year old! Need I saw more. So we looked around to see what Belfast had to offer on the Halloween front and we started to plan our spooky weekend of frightful festivities.

Our first stop was a family Halloween party. Lots of amazing costumes, young and old dressed as Dracula, blood-soaked nurses, mini Frankenstein’s and adorable witches and ghosts. Everyone looked amazing and we all had the best time. We watched the fireworks, played some old-fashioned Halloween games and I honestly think my kids ate their own weight in Haribo! But it was a lot of fun and the kids loved having a late night and I have to admit, it was the most stress-free evening I had personally had in a long time.

Halloween weekend

The next day, thanks to the clocks going back the night before we all enjoyed an extra hour in bed followed by a very slow morning and afternoon. I don’t know about the kids, but the husband and I needed it! But we got back into our Halloween fancy dress costumes {bar the husband, because, you know…bore!} and headed over to the annual Monster Mash event the Titanic slipway in Belfast City. This was out first time there and if I am honest, we should not have ever bothered. Too many crowds, not enough food stalls to meet the demand of the crowds and yeah, a very disappointing event. The kids were pretty bummed {and cold} but we made it up to them with a visit to a local Pizza hut.

Halloween weekend

On Halloween itself, we made a trip over to my Sister in laws for the little cousins to go trick or treating together. This was Annabelle’s first-time trick or treating and she absolutely loved it. She could not have been any closer to people’s doors as they opened them and she’d shout {and jump with joy} “TRICK OR TREAT!” It was honestly, the cutest thing! All the kids had a blast and came home with the most candy-filled buckets I had ever seen!

Halloween weekend

The evening finished off with visiting more family for great food, great company, and a pretty epic fireworks display. Needless to say on the taxi ride home we were all pretty tired. Annabelle was that deliriously tired that she was talking to us in her sleep and as the rest of us giggled it wasn’t long before we were listening to her snoring on the journey home.

Halloween weekend
So once we got home, tucked the little sleepy tot into her bed {still dressed as a werewolf, little black nose and all} we all collapsed into a heap surrounded by buckets of candy and smiles on our faces. What an amazing Halloween! Memories were most certainly made and that’s what it’s all about, right? 

How was your Halloween?

D xx


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