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A good wee while ago now I popped onto Twitter, as you do and my eyes caught sight of a hashtag #NIBloggers, instantly I got excited finding out that there were more of us and I had to get involved. Before I knew it I was invited to an NI Blogger meet, all organised & hosted by the lovely Vicky from EllieBearBabi

The venue was the Pottery Yarn in Moira and due to my darling man attending Comic Con on the day of the meet, meant that little Miss Annabelle would be joining me. In a Pottery shop. Pottery! Toddler! You can understand why I would be a little anxious about taking her. But when I was kindly given a lift by the lovely Emma from Amelias Mum, I realized that she was bringing her little one as well. 

Emma was so kind to give me a lift as if I’m honest, I wasn’t entirely sure how to get there and with a toddler in tow and the meet over her usual nap time…you can imagine how anxious I was! But Emma swooped in, spare car seat & everything! We had two happy girlies during our drive to Moira and Emma and I chatted as if we’d known each other for a lot longer than five minutes! 

The Pottery Yarn took a little while to find, but we soon walked into this adorable little archway that lead into an enclave, old cobblestones and there she was…The Pottery Yarn nestled in the corner, bunting in the windows, little painted tea cups and teapots and looking very charming. 
Emma and I were the last ones to arrive and we walked through the doors to a group of welcoming faces from the other N.I Bloggers around the table. Saying hello to everyone and getting a feeling that we all had one fabulous thing in common – Blogging! We were all going to get on famously!

The lady who owned the shop gave us a run through of how to apply the paint {I didn’t realize more than one layer would be required} and the process that our creations would go through once we’d finished. I chose a mug to paint, I love mugs and even though I had no idea what to design on it, I knew I’d just wing it as I do most things…let the brush guide me and all that jazz!

The chatter never stopped! The girls where happy with Sofia on the iPad and snacks and all of us Mummy Bloggers where happy talking about everything you can imagine, from our blogs, each others blogs, family life, but mainly our excitement for Britmums Live!
Before we knew it our 2hr session was up! Our creations handed in to be glazed, so I’ll share a photo once I’ve received that! But no one wanted it to be over so we headed to a lovely little place just up the road from The Pottery Yarn called Belles (I think!). We ate, to chatted, we laughed, shared tips and really had a grand old time. Annabelle went for a nap as we were about to eat so I was happy to be able to get to know the girls more without any toddler related distractions. How she slept through the talking and laughing is beyond me!

Here’s a list of the other gorgeous bloggers that attended the meet:-

Rebecca from Mrs Mumsie
Vicky from EllieBearBabi
Emma from Amelias Mum
Mel from My Days NI
Jean from Creative Pixie
Emma from Outmumbered

Each of these girls are fab…honestly! So go check out each of their blogs, from fabulous creations from the Creative Pixie, to Outmumbered with honestly, the cutest little boys you’ll ever see and even tales from a forever home with a gorgeous family in the Little wood.

Vicki did such a fabulous job for the meet and even managed to get a number of amazing companies to sponsor the occasion and in turn we all got an amazing {and very heavy!} goodie bag! Thank you so much for that! Here’s a list of the companies that got involved:-

So keep a wee eye out for my “Goodie Bag” post coming live to the blog soon! Also keep a wee eye on my instagram as no doubt my mug from the meet will pop up there at some point too! I cannot wait!! Apparently the Meet-up bucket has been passed to Emma from Outmumbered, so we cannot wait to see what she puts together when the time comes!!

Thanks so much for an fabulous meet ladies! You’re all bloody marvelous! I’ll be seeing some of you at Britmums! xx

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