Mint Aero Cheesecake Recipe


If there is one thing to know about me, it’s my weakness for mint. Imperial mints, mint chocolate, mint ice-cream. If it’s minty, I love it! So when I came across the recipe to make my own mint aero cheesecake, how could I not do it {and eat it all myself!! Mwahahaha!}

This mint aero cheesecake is a no-bake recipe, super simple and insanely tasty! It can be rustle up within 15 mins prep time and ready to devour within a couple of hours.

2 1/2 oz butter
200g cream cheese {I use Philadelphia}
15 digestive biscuits {or more if you feel it necessary!}
250ml double cream
4 oz icing sugar
2 large bars of mint aero chocolate

For the base:

Melt the butter in a pan. As that’s melting, crush your digestive biscuits. Once the butter is melted, add to the crushed digestives & mix well. Line your cake tin with the biscuit base and press down to ensure they are well combined.

For the topping:
Mix your icing sugar & cream cheese together {either by hand or a whisk}, then make up your double cream {whisk it until you get soft peaks} and add it to your cream cheese & icing sugar mixture.
Bash the life out of your aero bars {great stress reliever!}, I find keeping them in the wrapper and giving them a few whacks with a rolling pin helps and add the crushed mint aero bars to your mix. Don’t use it all though {I know it’s tempting!} but put some aside to sprinkle on top before it goes into the fridge to set.
Add the minty mixture to your biscuit base, smooth it out with a spatula, sprinkle it with the leftover crushed aero and put it into your fridge to set. It should be set & ready to enjoy in a couple of hours.

Those few hours were SO insanely long for me. It’s like it knew I was waiting for it, so it {somehow} slowed down the space-time continuum just to torture me! But as that last second ticked passed, I opened that fridge door and BOOM! It was ready for me to enjoy! And enjoy it I did! Only a slice mind you, I didn’t eat it all by myself
{my kids would’ve hunted me down if I did!}.Mint-aero-cheesecake
Any other mint lovers out there? What’s your favourite minty dish?
D xx

28 comments on “Mint Aero Cheesecake Recipe

  1. This has blown my mind seriously need this in my life! I’m going to attempt it this weekend my wife is away so ill be able to gobbLe it all ! I mean share with the kids :-p ha ha !

  2. This looks amazing, nothing nicer than the marriage of mint, chocolate and cream! Yum! Thanks for linking up to #tastytuesdays

  3. Why has no one every thought of making this before and marketing it?!? This is just heaven – mint, chocolate and cheesecake, I’m drooling here!

  4. Oh wow, sharing this straight away! I figure the more friends I share it with the more chance someone will make it for me. I’m making a Guiness cake tonight, it’s one of my favourites to make and eat.Lovin your blog x

    1. Haha! The first time I made this it was a little while off being set but I didn’t care as it tasted SO AMAZING! lol! Glad you gave it a go and enjoyed it Lauren! x

  5. Just made this, it’s delish & I saved a few bob by getting the ingredients from aldi 🙂

  6. Hi. Thanks very much for the recipe. This might sound really stupid. But first time baking. What do you mean make up your double cream?

  7. I made this cheesecake on Tuesday. It was really simple to do and went down a treat with the family. This is definitely my new dessert now Thank you.

    1. Aww I am so pleased to hear that you not only made it {isn’t it super easy!} but you loved it too. I will be making one for Christmas day dessert I think! 😉 x

  8. Hi going to make this at the weekend but just wanted to know what size of a biscult tin do you use

  9. Hi I was going to nake this on Sunday but i was just wondering, how long does it take to make the mixture and how long do you have to set it for approximately? Thank You xxx

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