Halloween Childrens Book: Pumpkins, Pumpkins Everywhere!

Halloween is one of my favourite times of year, and with having quite the brood of children I love having the joy of showering them in books and stories for all seasons. Recently I have shuffled up my toddlers bookshelf to showcase all of the fun Halloween childrens books that she has, and recently Parragon Books kindly sent her out another to add to her collection.
Pumpkins everywhere Parragon Books Super Busy Mum Pumpkins, Pumpkins Everywhere is a gorgeous paperback book and has a really lovely glittery cover. It has swiftly become one of Annabelles favourite storybooks.
Parragon Books Pumpkins everywhere Book reviewThe book is all about following the Halloween of four little Trick-or-treaters as they make their way to the Pumpkin parade. On their journey, there are pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere.
Halloween read Parragon Books Super Busy Mum Book reviewThe illustrations inside are bursting with autumn colours and the one thing I like most about them, is that some of the pumpkins have different faces {happy, sad, mad etc} and I think my toddler learning expressions through her books as well is great.
Parragon Books review Halloween childrens booksThis book is a total must for the Halloween season. It is a beautiful little book and it is one I know my young daughter will enjoy each time Halloween comes around.

Does your little one have a favourite Halloween book this year? 

Disclosure: As a Parragon Book buddy, I was sent this book for the purpose of my review. All thoughts, photos and opinions are my own. 


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