Childrens Safety I.D Bracelet

As you know we’re off on our first family holiday next week and something that has been playing on my mind quite a bit. We’re going to be in a super busy place, with a bundle of little ones and between the darling man and me, we only have having two sets of eyes to keep track of them all. So I came up with a solution…

Now I don’t intend to lose my children {just thought I’d air that!}, but if one of them do happen to stray, get turned around and lose sight of us, they’ll have the means to go to someone nearby {shopkeeper, Policeman, etc} and give them the number on their wrist to call myself. Phew. Even the idea of this happening TERRIFY’s me, but better to be safe that sorry, right? 
They were super easy to make and thankfully a local store in Belfast called Abacus Beads had the number beads that I needed. 
Ellie picked out some pretty colored beads and Jacob picked up colorful dice to be added to their I.D bracelets. I got more beads than I needed as initially I wasn’t intending on making Annabelle one, but the darling man insists {just to be on the air of caution and all that}. Even though she’ll only ever be on the reins, buggy or wrapped…but again, better to be safe than sorry, right? 

17 thoughts on “Childrens Safety I.D Bracelet

  1. Jenny Ripatti-Taylor

    What a fantastic idea! So clever and yes NO mother wants to lose their children but they are quick and fast and we are all human it does happen. This is a great project to do with them too. So cute and creative. Love it. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

  2. Denise Johnson

    That is such a good idea and one that I that I will be using next time we go on holiday with my youngest daughter. I’m really pleased that I read this post :-) #MMWBH

  3. Katrina Cool Bananas

    Thats an awesome idea Debs! I’ve joked in the past (or was i joking?) when i said ‘if we can microchip cats & dogs, why can you do it for children?!’ LOL!! I know, that’s far more extreme than these….i go with your idea!! xx

  4. Jayne SMABL

    Awesome idea Debs! would definitely use this for my Little Man, although could do with one for the Husband for when he gets lost in the Playstation Games section! lol :) xx


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