Bye bye fabric, hello leather!

Since we moved into our home almost three years ago now, we’ve had this blue fabric sofa already for us to use. Lord knows how long it has been there or how many bums and pairs of shoes had been laid upon it. I mean, it looked cleaned enough but wow…fabric sofas are a pain to clean aren’t they? So over time, with children, this blue sofa became a curse.

Then, when our glorious little Annebelle joined the family, we knew the fabric sofa would have to go and soon! Well, once we could afford something new that is! Pipe dream considering the cost of things nowadays! So those early months with Belle passed and she soon started to climb up the sofa, walking round it, sticky fingers pathing a way for me to clean. Then came the stage where she could climb up ON the sofa, thus covering it more of whatever she had on her hands. It has been never ending and that poor blue has taken a beating. 

It was time for a change! 

So we decided to look into getting a ‘new’ sofa! Pennies would be saved and one day we’d be able to place our tired behinds onto something clean, soft and gloriously ours. However, before that day arrived our landlord dropped us a line “A sofa will be delivered to you tomorrow, let me know if you like it” err…ok! There was other talk of possibly having to remove the front window to get it in, but thankfully that wasn’t the case. 

We had this delivered…

It was totally made for that corner of our front room and even though it was secondhand, we didn’t care! The blue sofa could go bye bye! Our front room now looks soooo much nicer. The sofa is super comfy and as you can see, the kids love it too!

13 thoughts on “Bye bye fabric, hello leather!

  1. Bethan Sian

    I love corner sofas! Growing up I always had a fabric sofa in my Dad’s. The first house I moved to we had a cheap fabric sofa from my Dad, it was awful as it would sink way too low, and the cushions came off all the time. 2nd house we moved to we bought a brand new leather sofa (infact it was my partners Dad who bought it for us). we still have the sofa, now in our 3rd and final home. We now want a change back to fabric! xx

  2. Kyla

    wow, that is one nice landlord and such a lovely sofa. I hope you enjoy relaxing on it with a nice cuppa – or something stronger! #mmwbh

  3. Colette B

    It looks gorgeous! We’ve had our sofa for 6 years now and three kids later it’s looking pretty sad. It will be a while before we invest in a new one though x

  4. Aby Moore

    I am so pleased for you. We have a leather corner couch and we couldn’t cope without it. I LOVE the picture of Annabelle modeling x #ShareWithMe

  5. Emma T

    Wipe clean. Can’t beat it. Great that your landlord provided it.

    We’re still using our ancient faded orange fabric suite. We would have changed it, but decided it wasn’t worth it having N. I suggested then looking at leather for practicality although I’m not a fan, but the OH has vetoed that. I think because it’s not as nice to sleep on and sometimes during calving time he sleeps downstairs. So one day we’ll get a nice new sofa too!

  6. Mummy's Blog

    It looks lovely :) We desperately need a new one, ours is broken underneath so you sink into it – I was so embarrassed last time our health visitor came round – she sank so far down I thought she was going to disappear! x

  7. Beth Twinderelmo

    That looks sooo comfy! We had a corner sofa before we moved but our new house has a weird shape so we had a swivel chair and sofa. This one looks amazing #sharewithme

  8. Jenny Ripatti-Taylor

    Looks fantastic and I am the same leather with kids is so much better. It last longer and is more durable than fabric. Especially with the littlest ones running around with stinky fingers. lol Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme


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