When I set my mind on something, my goodness I am good at getting it done! I did a wee post a few weeks ago about the desire to have my own little blogging station, my own personal corner of the house that I could call ‘just’ mine – and now that has become a reality!

Over the weekend I paid Ikea a visit, clearly by the photo buying waaaay more than I intended to go in for! However Ikea is just a fabulous place, filled with such treasures that some of them just happen to find their way into my trolley – shame! 😉 However I was able to get ‘pretty’ much everything I went in for.
IkeaFirst of all the table I wanted was a gorgeous Miche table with a pair of drawers, but when I saw it in person, it was about 3in too big for the alcove I had for it at home, so I needed to find an alternative. I came across this gorgeous black & white bubble effect table top and at only £15 how could I resist! The other one I had in mind was going to cost me £65 – can anyone say money saaaaver!! And I have to admit, I am a little bit in love with it! The legs only cost an additional £2.50 per leg, but for £25 all in, who could complain!

I was also approached by a company to do a poster review, which I have since designed and sent off, so I managed to pick up two poster frames from Nyttja to go above my desk. I decided to go with a white frame as the main wall next to my chosen nook space is english fire red and I thought the white frames to add a little more light and crispness to the area and also since I saved money on the desk, I didn’t mind paying the £7 each per frame.

The next thing I was after was a cool desk lamp and when I came across this awesome looking Forsa work lamp, I kind’ve fell a little bit in love! And when I saw the price tag *coughs* £15 I don’t think it was possible to turn down that offer.

The chair I went for was nothing special, no big super comfy leather bound swivel chair, oh no, I went with a cute and dinky {considering the space I have to play with} swivel chair from Snille and an adorable fee of just £14.50! I also picked up some little filing boxes for any bits & bobs.

At other stores I was able to pick up a few more treasures, this gorgeous set of heart drawers from Home Bargains was one of them, costing just £2.99. Total bargain!
IMG_20140923_122959So those are my blogging nook finds and now all I need to do is put it altogether! I have got it mostly put in place, as I’ve been sharing a few snipets over on my instagram, but I need a few other touches yet before I can reveal it all in her full glory! So all will be revealed soon!


Hi, guys!

I have to say I am really enjoying this new #ToddlerTreats series of mine, I have so much different, fun and most importantly easy to make recipes for you & your little ones! If this week is your first week spotting this little series then don’t fret, you can catch up on my previous #ToddlerTreats here.

This week I am excited to share my latest easy-peasy toddler recipe & judging by how much my older kids and partner loved these, I’m inclined to say they’re a for-all-the-family sort of treat!

First of all, this is a no-bake recipe, making it a much easier snack to put together and the ingredients you’ll need is:-

– 1 1/2 cups of Oats
– 2 cups of rice Krispies
– 1/2 cup of Brown sugar
– 1/2 cup of honey
– 1/2 cup of peanut butter
– 1 tsp vanilla essence
– 1/4 cup of chocolate chips

How to make:

First of all, you need to bring to the boil, the brown sugar and the honey just enough so that the granules of the sugar have dissolved. Once that has happened then you take it off the heat, add in your peanut butter and stir that in with your syrup, then leave it to cool for a few minutes.

Once it’s been cooled a little, you’ll notice it has stiffened, add your oats, rice crispies & mix together well until everything is well coated. Once that is done empty it out onto a baking tray layered with greaseproof paper, pat the mixture down firmly, sprinkle on your chocolate chips then and leave it to cool for an hour in the fridge. Once cooled, cut into bars and you’re done!


These literally took me ten minutes to make {not including the hour in the fridge, obviously!} and they are ready to be enjoyed by the whole family! I didn’t think my son would like these, being the fussy bum that he is but according to him and I quote, “These are the best things you’ve EVER made, Mummy!” I think it’s safe to say he likes them!. Everyone loved these, even Miss Belle {after she picked off the choccy chips first of course!}.

According to Ellie they taste ‘a little’ like snickers bars and I reckon she’s right and although these are considerably healthier than a snickers bar & they also make perfect lunch box fillers too!

I can see these being in high demand with this lot so I had best go and put together another batch! That first batch is almost gone already!!


Ever since the older kids started back at school, my toddler and I have started doing little activities in the mornings, including swimming. So when the fabulous Trunki offered the chance to review one of their Paddlepaks, we got pretty excited.

We were able to choose the one we liked the most and seen as Annabelle really doesn’t care that much at the moment, her big sister decided to help me choose {it wasn’t easy!} but we finally decided on Inky the Octopus:
paddle1A Paddlepak is basically a lightweight, waterproof backpack that is perfect for taking out and about, whether it be to the beach, the local park and even to the local swimmers. Once Inky arrived I have to say I was really impressed at how well made it looked and how lightweight it was. Seeing the padded mesh back & shoulders, making it nice and breathable when on my toddlers back and not to mention the overall lightweighted nature of the Paddlepak, I knew my toddler wouldn’t mind having this on her back when we popped out.
DSC_4889One thing I had never seen before in a product like this was the roll-to-close with a little clip. This is basically to prevent anything wet getting out and vice versa. I really like this roll to close method, plus I love how it also makes the paddlepak ‘puff’ out, making Inky look like a proper puffy Sea creature.
DSC_4893DSC_4895DSC_4896The Paddlepak on first glance doesn’t look like much will fit in it, but that’s what is so fabulously deceiving about it. It fits LOADS! I could easily fit in Annabelle’s cloth swim nappy, swim suit, hooded towel and arm bands, with room to spare. However, this was just going onto the back of a toddler so I just put in her arm bands, swim nappy and swim suit for her to carry.
DSC_4921The first thing I noticed when I put the paddlepak onto Annabelle’s back was how easy it was to adjust the straps. On some backpacks the straps can be quite a nuisance to adjust, but these adjusted with real ease and I really appreciated that. Also one thing I would say the paddlepak needed for sure, would be a wee chest strap. Annabelle is almost two and even though the shoulders fit her well, I think a wee chest strap would’ve made it just that little bit better, prevents any straps slipping off the shoulders.
DSC_4913Along with the features I have mentioned already, I loved that this product had so many. Everything had been thought of, reflective panels on the straps {very handy – especially with the darker nights coming in}, the wee goggle grip that you can hang your sunglasses through or goggles from it and it even has a handy little dry zip pocket, perfect for storing anything from hair bobbles, to loose coins that jingled in your pocket.
DSC_5428Annabelle loves carrying little packs on her back and I really love how much use she will get out of her Inky Paddlepak, because the straps leave lots of room for growth. I can see Inky joining her for her lots more swim visits, beach & park trips and even her first days at nursery and pre-school.

Trunki have so many unique and funky designs that there really is something there to suit everyone. I personally found it very hard to choose, but I think we chose the perfect Paddlepak companion for Annabelle.
DSC_4926The Inky Paddlepak costs £19.99 and can be purchased here and there are also lots of other fun designs to choose from.

Disclaimer: I was sent this product for the purpose of my review. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are my own.


Annabelle is so busy just watching, observing, learning and letting her older siblings do all the talking and expressions for her….or until now that is….as we’ve had a small break through and man I am excited for the wave that will hopefully follow!

Hugs were her first show of love. Annabelle gaves the best little person hugs, those little arms go round as far as they’ll go, her hands will stroke your back, her head will be nestled perfectly into the nook of your neck and she’ll make a little “hmmm” sound. It’s very sweet and she would do it for anything she was thankful for. Getting breakfast, I get a hug, taking her to funky monkeys, she’d run over and give me the tightest squeeze….but now, now she has started giving kisses!!

Like every evening the darlin man comes home from work, he and his little girl will have a good while to themselves, this is when I can do some sneaky blogging! But I’ll hear giggles, sounds of them rolling around, it really is the most gorgeous relationship they have. But one evening the darling man urged me to come in and see something….I ushered myself out of my blogging chair, tiptoed in {as I didn’t want to shift the moment and miss it!} but then I saw the most beautiful thing…..those little rose bud lips she was born with, puckered up, sticking out {very cute} and she leaned in to give her Daddy a sweet little kiss.

I actually squealed with excitment, and obviously me being me ran straight for my camera. My camera phone would NOT do me justice for capturing a moment like this!

Here’s a few sweet moments I captured….my heart actually melted!
kiss3kiss1kiss2She thinks giving kisses is great craic, but she doesn’t give them without a derservance to getting one. This little lady makes you work for those kisses, big time! But I don’t really mind as they are so worth it.

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I have been feeling something brewing for a few weeks now, something I was hoping could and would be held off for a while yet. But it seems time was out of my control and this weekend, it fell on me…like a brick.

My nine year old daughter and I had ‘the talk’. Ellies been a bit of a confused little hurricane recently. Abrupt mood swings, whether it be true anger through the lack of peace or absolute heartache through dropping her ice-cream cone and it wasn’t even the fallen ice cream that crushed her, it was the shittyness of the happenings that struck a cord with her. Poor girl. So as you can see, she’s a little scrambled, her Mama took heed and tried to be a little prepared. However it seems I wasn’t as prepared as I had hoped.

Being raised by a wonderful military man, who really didn’t talk about his feelings and was a little difficult to approach at the ‘girlie’ stuff….I felt like I needed to do a little homework. It seemed I needed to learn how to approach the subject to my daughter, who all-to-soon will be going through something that all of us girls have went through when our time came: Puberty.

I was lucky enough to come across some books over on Amazon that covered pretty much everything I needed to help my daughter be prepared, cope with and accept these future changes and why everything happens to our bodies when we’re growing up. They are called The Care & Keeping of you {For younger girls}, The Feelings Book & also The Feelings journal.

Then the moment came….unexpectantly….but we closed ourselves into the den, warning the boys that a very important girl talk was happening and to give us some space. She looked a little “OMG what have I done” but I assured her nothing and handed her over the books.
We spoke very freely about everything, {even accepting that stuff is beginning to happen up top!} and I have to say….damn…I am so proud of that girl…she took everything on her shoulders, breathed in & absorbed in every single word and has taken on this challenge before her of growing up and my god, this girl is going to handle it in style. I can see the odd storm ahead, but I hope I can be a good crew member on board to help her sail through it all.

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What’s a ‘RuckJack’ you are maybe saying to yourself! And rightly so because when I first heard it I was like “a what now?” – but it’s actually something so much more amazing than anything you can imagine. I had my doubts before receiving this product, that it wouldn’t be as good as I was told – but man was I wrong….we LOVE this product and I honestly couldn’t rave about it enough. It’s from Miioon and they have a great range of different styles for both boys & girls.

We were lucky enough to be sent out a fabulous Ruckjack with a TMNT shell liner and being avid Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fans, this was the perfect product for my son to review and even better, he was due a new Winter coat, so getting this to review sort of killed two birds with the one single stone.

So yeah, it’s a jacket and when it’s not being worn, can turn into a backpack – I KID YOU NOT! It’s so fabulous, let me show you…
DSC_5285 DSC_5286Oh by the way – it’s also reversible!! This ruckjack seriously has it all!!
tmnt3I think when the ruckjack is on the turtle shell liner it looks so awesome when worn. It really gives the jacket an overall touch of COWABUNGA awesomeness, don’t you think? Personally I think it rocks and he will no doubt, be the coolness jacket wearing kid in school, come Winter.

Now this isn’t just some cheap jacket from the high street, I was super pleased to see that it’s actually a thinsulate jacket, so I know for sure that it’s going to keep Jacob warm, during the Winter months.
DSC_5281Now for the ultimate thing I find about this jacket, the ability to turn it into a backpack when it’s not being worn! Want to see how it’s done? I’ve made you guys a little video!
Pretty cool huh! So quick and easy to do, in a matter of a minute you could have the poppers popped, the clips, clipped and on your little dudes back, and off you carry on your merry way.
DSC_5291tmnttmnt2Also did you notice that when the Jacket is in turtle shell liner or back pack mode that your little TMNT fan even store his weapons in his shell? HA! I think this is a truly ingenius addition to the ruckjack and even Jacob thinks so too!
DSC_5354Now for the turning this very cool reversible jacket into a backpack! I’ve made you guys a wee video so please excuse the very tired bumbling Mama bear and my dodgey Belfast accent, haha!

Another point, did you ever think could the Ruckjack when in backpack mode, actually act as a backpack? IT DOES! This excited me! Not just carrying when you no longer want to wear it! Check it out…
pack1Jacob was also sent a little Oonit  which attaches to his zipper, making it easier to identify in amongst all of the other coats when at school. He was a lucky to get DJ Quack from Moshi Monsters.
DSC_5351I love love love this jacket for my son and he loves it too. It has absolutely everything you could ever ask for in a jacket and its honestly a jacket that I personally, have never seen before and I would totally tell everyone about. And the cost? £29.99! Is that not a bargain? Seriously. For the thinsulate benefits of the jacket {breathable, waterproof etc}, it’s lightweight, the fact it is reversible AND turns into a backpack…the amazingness truly glows from this product.

Disclaimer: I was sent this product for the purpose of my review, all thoughts, opinions and photos are my own.
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Hi Guys!!

Welcome back to my third #ToddlerTreats feature in my new series and I cannot believe we are on week three already! If you missed the first two weeks, don’t fret, you can link to them both here: Week#1 – Scrumptious Yogurt Buttons & Week#2 – Delicious Strawberry Crunchies. I now have a Toddler Treats Pinterest board too, which is another way to keep up to date with this wee weekly feature – so feel free to also follow that.

This week I’ve decided to go savoury and try Annabelle on a few things that she used to love, but seems to have gone a little wayward on them, i.e. scrunched up noses, throwing them on the floor, you feel my pain. So this week I’ve made some: Cheesy Tommy Muffins!
Again they are in line with my super easy recipe ‘must have’ as us Mums are busy enough right? So these little beauties only took me 10-15mins prep time {done as Belle napped, most likely on her bedroom floor – as usual at the moment} and cooking time 20 mins. So they really don’t take much time at all, plus they are filled with ingredients that we’d generally have around the house too.

Here’s what you’ll need:

225g/8oz Self-Raising flour
Salt & Pepper
100g/3 1/2oz cheddar cheese, grated
175ml/6fl oz Milk
1 free-range egg
55ml/2fl oz Olive oil
10 cherry tomatoes

Now to get mixing:

– You need to combine your self raising flour, grated cheese and your salt & pepper in one bowl. Combine well.

– In a separate bowl mix your olive oil, milk and egg until well combined then add that to your dry mix, and mix very well.

– Next you’ll need to grease each of your muffin compartments {we don’t want any sticky business!} and fill each up half way. Now…this is where I did mine a ‘little’ differently. I didn’t want them all the same AND I used a 12 muffin tin so I made the mixture stretch for two extra muffins, woohooo! I filled six up nicely and half filled the other six. I placed a half cherry tommy into the full sections {just pressed it down into the mixutre} and a full cherry tommy into the half sections and just covered them up with the leftover mix.

Remember to pop those full cherry tommys, to prevent popping when in the oven. I forgot to do this, but they seemed to turn out OK! haha!

Here’s what I mean…
tommys1And here is how they come out after those precious 20 minutes… FYI? They smelt DELICIOUS!
tommies4tommies5tommies7Now came the big test…would Annabelle like them? I decided to serve a muffin up to her along with some scrambled egg. It looked so yum I was even a little envious!
DSC_5340DSC_5339Now, Annabelle wasn’t too keen on these very delicious looking cheesy tommy muffins. The hint of cheese made her give them a funny look {she’s no mug!}…
DSC_5332So a Mummy fail on trying to get her over the cheese barrier she seems to have put up! As all she seemed to do was steal the toms on top and leave the rest! Wee rascal! My cheese loving eldest had a few though and said they were YUM with a big thumbs up!

So there you go guys, another easy peasy and scrumptious toddler treat for you all! I hope you’ll have a wee go in making this one and if you do, please let me know how you got on, I’d love to hear how it went!



I am a great lover of stationery, anything notebook related has my undivided attention. So when I saw these absolute beauties from Magical World Journals online…
Journals…I was in love and how lucky did I feel when I was given the opportunity to review one aaaaand have not one but TWO of my lucky readers win a magical journal of their choice each! – but more on that shortly.

Out of the four designs you can choose from, I opted for the Vampire. No surprises there really as I have been known to be a bit {excuse the pun} fang lover. Any fang TV series, movie you’ll be sure it’s on my to watch or already watched pile. The soon-to-be-released Dracula movie has me particularly intrigued.
journal1When I saw these journals online, I thought they looked amazing and I had no idea how astounded I would be at the craftmanship of the overall journal, once it arrived. As that’s exactly how I felt, astounded. The soft plastic cover looks amazing, it’s hand painted and the inside….aside from the amazing vampire themed page borders {spiders, webs, creepy tree branches, dripping blood}….but the illustrations in the journal also have this clever way of telling you a story.

I made you guys this little video…The Lure of a Vampire:

The illustrations are pretty awesome right? I was pretty stoked when I realised they weren’t just random doodles, but in fact an eery tale.
DSC_5254DSC_5241The detail on this journal, as a whole is amazing! Check out that wood work, those eery undead fingers slowly opening his slumber fueled coffin….I love it. The back is just as fabulous! The stone work, the web and spider….see for yourself…
journal2This is bar far my favourite of all of my journals, which I have become sort of a weird collector of. I don’t know if I can ever bring myself to use this {yet} as what if I make a mistake…gah! It’s too pretty to use…but perhaps one day I’ll find the ‘perfect’ use for this precious piece on my stationery shelf. Prices ranging from £9.95 to £15.95 – these are a GREAT price and my daughter is already pressing me to ask ‘Santa’ for the Unicorn journal! 😉

Disclosure: I was sent this product for the purpose of my review. All thoughts, photos and opinions are my own. 


Now and again I love being able to get out on my own, and just have a bloody good nosy round all the wee shops. I love being able to take my time looking at absolutely everything and being dazzled by those little treasures you are lucky enough to come across every so often.

On this particular day I came across loooooads of said ‘little treasures’ and each find just got {for me}, more exciting. Here’s a nosy and my recent buys.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a photo of my gorgeously simple looking candle tealight house recently. It’s divine looking without the candlelight, but with it? Wow…I love, love, love it.
house10681765_676564345762393_989014982_nI picked this little darling up from our local B&M store, and for as little as £2.99 too! Total bargain.

Carrying on my house theme, I found this little beauty…
10625150_675161425902685_1386168552732177576_nI snapped this up straight away as I thought it would make the perfect addition to Ellie’s homework nook desk. All I needed to add to it was a little photo. Which, I was super lucky to get printed at the local Tescos with a kiosk, and it printed out the perfect size too! It was fate!

My next finds was a selection of nautical themed  bits & bobs and I honestly couldn’t help myself!
DSC_5197…and for the sake of £5 – this little bundle of nautical AWESOMENESS was a complete bargain. Perfect final pieces to add to our nautical themed bathrooms.

So there you go, a few of my recent buys! I’ve really enjoyed sharing with you wee treasures that I come across recently – who knows what I’ll buy next!

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Annabelle has been a very grown up little bird and has been enjoying her big girls bed for a good while now. Yes, at nights she’ll toss and turn, but she’ll sleep, and sleep well and that for me is the main thing. However lately…during only her mid-morning nap, she’ll shake off the comfy nature of her big girl bed, and she’ll decide to kip on the floor…
SleeperWhen the clock ticks around the half ten am mark, we’ll head upstairs together. I’ll say those magic words “Let’s go!” and she knows what Mama means. I open the living room and she’ll practically run towards it & head straight for the safety gate. Once that’s opened and the stairs have been laid out before her, she chatter as she climbs. Always stopping to press her face against the bannister to make faces in the hallway mirror. So adorably cute.

Once she reaches the top, she’ll run straight into her bedroom to her bed, grab River and give her a biiiig cuddle. She’ll then open her drawer, reach in and bring out a dummy. I love her little ways and how she’s got into this perfectly darling little routine. I’ll zip & pop her into her grobag and read her, her story book, kiss her squishy cheeks then leave.

Now, kids being kids, she does get up and I will sit downstairs watching/listening via her video monitor. Thirty or so minutes will pass before there is complete silence and as I look on her monitor, her bed is empty and once again I’ll find her on the floor…
sleeper2This is become quite a regular thing. A daily thing in fact and thankfully each time I go up, I’ll scoop her into my arms and lower her into her little bed. Each time she just curls up to River and drifts back off to sleep. So my ordinary moments for this week is just that. Scooping up my little floor snoozer into the comfort of my arms and lowering her into the comfort of her bed.
Sleeper3You cannot deny that the kid looks comfy on the floor though! Poor River has been upgraded from bedtime pal to travel pillow – so she is clearly a very useful bunny pal to have around. Also, do you notice in the photo above, that Annabelle seems to have laid a little blanket over Angela the cat? I’ve never seen her do that before and I just thought it was such a tender and sweet thing for her to do.
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