We’re currently in the thick of Autumn and soon we’ll have the Winter winds and most likely snow fluttering around our feet, making this the perfect time to get good sturdy footwear for my children. So when Beebies Baby Store sent out a gorgeous pair of HappiJoey footwear for little Miss Belle to try out, I was chuffed.
DSC_6366These super stylish ankle boots are just gorgeous, chunky yet light weight and sturdy to support our little walkers. When I first saw them I thought they looked overly big, but I was mistaken as once I put them on Annabelle they looked and fit her perfectly.
DSC_6414I adore the embroidery work on this boots, the gorgeous plum with the delicate pink flowers and butterfly on the toes and sides of the boot.
DSC_6369DSC_6370I am loving these and Annabelle seems to love them too. They’re made from 100% leather and there are quite a few other designs to choose from for both little boys & girls.
DSC_6411Why not pop over and check out the other designs in the HappiJoey Range over on the Beebies Baby Store Website. These Pinkie Petal ankle boots RRP for £39.99.

Disclaimer: I was sent these for the purpose of my review. All thoughts, photos and opinions are my own. 


Welcome back to another week of Toddler treats and after last weeks vibrant and tasty rainbow spaghetti I fancied doing something a little fun, fruity & savoury this week. Something to put a smile on not only your toddlers face but the rest of the house too. How cute are these…
pancakesI love having this ability to make food more fun for my children to enjoy and these animal pancakes seemed like a fabulous idea! Really simple to make because all you need is whatever pancake recipe you use and I personally use this gorgeous American Fluffy pancake recipe from BBC-Food. Then really all you have to do is let your imagine run away with you!

As you can see I made a super cute lion with a mane of strawberries {Yum!} and a delicious chocolate chip mouth. The teddy bear which I think is my favourite, so insanely simple and cute. He is made with bananas for his ears and nose, and again chocolate chips for eyes and his little button nose.
Now, you’re maybe wondering what in heck the green one is and this was my attempt at making a turtle…have another look…do you see it? I swear his shell looked perfect before I flipped it, as I had his shell a lighter colour from the segments {using two shades of green colouring} you’d see on a turtle shell, but when I flipped it…it all smooshed in together – gutted! I found this one on Pinterest and knew I had to give him a go but he turned out to be a pinterest fail! haha!

I do hope you liked it and decide to have a go at making it yourself. If you do I’d love for you to hashtag #ToddlerTreats over on Twitter and tag me in, I’d love to see your dishes! Also if you missed previous weeks, they can all be found on my Toddler Treats page right here on the blog or you can pop over to my Pinterest board.

See you next week for more yummy treats!! I’m also linking up with the fabulous Grace from Eats Amazing and her linky Fun Food Friday & Victorias PoCoLo!

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Hey Guys!

I hope you enjoyed last weeks Cauliflower Crunchies! They where a perfect way to re-introduce a vegetable that my toddler would normally just pick off her plate, but last week she really enjoyed them.

This week I have something for you that I have been wanting to do for quite some time, and thankfully recently I was able to make it. I was impressed how quick and easy this was to put together, as I think that’s why I kept putting it off, thinking it would be a pain to make. But as it turns out, it’s super easy!
rainbow spaghettiWhat you’ll need:

– Spaghetti pasta
– Food colouring of your choice
– Zip lock/freezer bags

The how-to’s:

It’s so simple! All you need to do it boil up your pasta, once ready you drain it off and run over with cold water. I chose to use five colours, so I needed five little bags and I added 4 tbsp of water and then a few drops of my chosen food colouring {mix it up} and then I separated the pasta into each bag. I gave each bag a wee smoosh and a swish to make sure the pasta was covered and then left it for a few minutes to let the pasta soak up the glorious colouring.

Then drain off each bag under the water tap to drain off any access food colouring and just add them to your chosen dish {mine was a little beauty from Ikea} and all I did then was heat up some sauce from a tin of spaghetti hoops to give it a bit of saucy goodness, popped it into the microwave for 20secs to heat it up and serve.
rainbow spaghettiI was pretty impressed how vibrant the pasta came out with the colours I chose and I was excited to serve it up to Annabelle.
rainbow spaghettiWhen I first gave it to her she wasn’t too sure what I had put in front of her, due to it looking so pretty and colourful. But she loves anything spaghetti/noodles/chow mein related so I knew she’d enjoy it once she tasted it and I was right.
rainbow spaghettirainbow spaghettiSuper fun dish to make and really doesn’t take too long to put together! I think the whole process took me around half an hour and so worth it seeing how much Annabelle enjoyed it. Next I’ll try it on the bigger kids! As I’m sure their reception of it will be the same as their little Sisters.
rainbow spaghettiI do hope you liked it and decide to have a go at making it yourself. If you do I’d love for you to hashtag #ToddlerTreats over on Twitter and tag me in, I’d love to see your dishes! Also if you missed previous weeks, they can all be found on my Toddler Treats page right here on the blog or you can pop over to my Pinterest board.

See you next week for more yummy treats!! I’m also linking up with the fabulous Grace from Eats Amazing and her linky Fun Food Friday & Victorias PoCoLo!


I’ve mentioned in previous posts that we’re not decorating/celebrating Halloween in our usual spooky filled fashion this year {pssst we’re holding out for the big ‘C’!} but that hasn’t stopped us making a few fun and festively frightful treats for the scariest night of the year. Today with Halloween just 24hrs away, I have for you some delicious and easy to make Halloween Bark.


All you need for this are the following:

– Chocolate {I used 2 large Diary Milk bars}
– Candy corn {bought from a local American store}
– Darkside Skittles {American Candy Store}
– Chocolate covered pretzels
– The creamy inside of amazing-ness from Oreos {left over from my Peppermint Pennies recipe!}

I don’t need to tell you how to make bark! As from the photos, it is pretty self-explanatory! But this is so easy to put together, only takes a little while to set and before you know it can be devoured by your little Vampires, Ghosts & Ghouls.
I hope whatever your plans for tomorrow evening are spooky and spectacular!

Happy Halloween!!


Halloween or AllHallows Eve is just 48hrs from today! Are you ready? What are you having on your party table and what games will you be playing? I cannot wait to read everyone’s Halloween night experiences! But for now, I will share with you yet another tasty treat to have on your party table! Ghastly Ghost Brownies! 


Are cute are these little guys! Now I must confess, being a Super Busy Mum is CRAZY busy and I will confess that I did cheat a little with these and by cheating I mean I leant on the baking goddess that is: Betty Crocker for her Brownie in a box recipe! I literally added the egg, water, oil, popped those bad boys in the oven and BOOM…brownies were on the go!

All I really had to do next was have the following ingredients on hand:

– Marshmallows
– White chocolate
– Chocolate chips

All I did once the delicious brownies where cooked was to melt up the white chocolate, add a little to the bottom of a marshmallow and place it onto of a brownie, then pour over a spoonful of white chocolate to give the ghostly looky-like effect. Now, I didn’t add the chocolate chips straught away as I fear they would’ve just drooped down and set halfway down where I meant them to be! So I popped them in the fridge for 5mins before applying the chips.

These little ghastly cuties tasted fabulous and they even got a thumbs up from two of my little taste testers!


Have a great Halloween you guys!!

D xx


Halloween is such a fun time of the year. The cute {and scary} fancy dress costumes come out, our doors knock with little faces behind it shouting “TRICK OR TREAT!!” and parties are thrown all over the world. So I figured I’d make something up that you could maybe add to your spooky Halloween party table! I’ve made some adorably tasty…Meatball Mummies.

What you’ll need:

– Pizza dough
– Meatballs
– A skewer {this gets removed once everything is cooked}
– Pasta sauce {for dippy goodness!}

The how to’s:-

With the pizza dough, I decided to make the much easier version which you can find here and doesn’t contain yeast. While I was making my dough, I fried up my meatballs that I bought from the butchers that morning. Again, already made up makes less work for me to do! Once the pizza dough was made, rolled out and cut into stripes, I brought the meatballs off the heat and applied three to a skewer. The skewer would keep the meatballs together as I wrapped them up like mummies. Once this was done, I placed them into the oven for around 20mins {or until golden brown) and they’re done!

These little guys came out a lot bigger than I thought, so I guess next time I’ll hand roll the meatballs myself, make them smaller, and therefore they’ll not look so huge to Annabelle!!

These were a lot of fun to make, and I reckon they’d be a real treat for your Halloween party table!!

D xx


It’s no surprise to hear I’ve got a sweet tooth. I’m a woman, it’s like written into our DNA somewhere, I’m sure of it. So when I had this idea to blend two of my most favoured ‘sweets’ together it was like I had a brain explosion! It was something so simple, so easy and I laughed at myself for not thinking of it sooner.

I love Oreos and I loooove Mint sooooo check out this comnbination of AWESOME-NESS…
penniesWhat you’ll need:

– Peppermint essence
– Oreos
– Chocolate {to melt}

The How-to’s:

– Basically you need the biscuit halves of the oreos. So just separate them, scrap away the tasty centre and put the two parts to one side {or you can leave them on, totally up to yourself!}. Melt your chocolate, add the peppermint essence {I added a cap full, however I reckon two caps would’ve been just perfect} and once your ready place an oreo half onto a fork, dip it into the melted chocolate {bottom first} and with a spoon pour melted chocolate over the top and then leave it to ‘drip-harden’ over a bowl {still keeping it on the fork}. Or do what I did and place them on 2xskewers over the bowl, I found you can have more being left to set that way.
Once these were ready {after being in the fridge for half an hour} I cannot even tell you how good they smelt. That minty aroma, the chocolate-y goodness…I honestly couldn’t wait to taste one. So I boiled that kettle and got myself ready for my first bite and man….it was everything I hoped it would be! Something so simple to make and effective in taste. Sure fire winner.

Make them yourself, put the kettle on and ENJOY!

Throwback Thursday



Being a woman, I think it is in our blood to fall in love with the idea of owning copious amounts of shoes and bags. So since becoming a parent there was only ever one brand that I had in my ‘Yummy Mummy’ eyes and that was Pink Lining.

I remember walking passed a local shop right here in Belfast City, gazing in through the window at these beautifully gorgeous changing bags and one day I knew I would own an infamous Pink Lining bag. Lucky for me, that day came true recently and I was sent out this beauty…

Isn’t she gorgeous? This is the Wise Owl Pink Lining Yummy Mummy Changing bag and I am in love with it.

It’s so big and spacious and can be carried in a multitude of comfortable ways. Whether it be in your hands with the lovely leather handles, over the shoulder, over an across the chest with the long adjustable strap or shortening it and having it over the handlebars of your pushchair.

Like all Yummy Mummy bags it has two canvas elasticated & insulated pockets at either side which are perfect for keeping those baby bottles warm, and also a very handy canvas Yummy Mummy pocket on the front {I use this for easy to access loose change – perfect for those shop runs after School has finished}. The front pocket has this adorable Cupcake patch complete with felt icing – and from recent review posts, you’ll know I’m a fan of attention to detail.

A full list of features for this gorgeous bag are:-

– 2 x insulated side pockets
– 2x Nappy pockets
– Pen holder
– Key fob
– Mirror
– Phone pocket
– Small zip pocket
– Padded changing mat
– Wet zip bag

The main material of this bag is 100% cotton laminated canvas coating also known as EVA, which provides UV protection, can withstand a heavy downpour without the insides getting soaked and also is soft to touch and is flexible in movement, with a 100% silky smooth nylon lining. To care for your bag is super easy, just wipe clean it with some mild detergent and you should be good to go. The dimensions of this bag are great: Length: 38 x Height – 28 x Width: 14cm and fits everything I need with space to spare.

I love that this bag doesn’t feel like just a changing bag, it feels and looks so versatile that I think I could use this as a regular Mummy bag once Annabelle is too big to have changes of clothes and juice cups carried around with me.

This bag is seeing us nicely through the Autumnal Season, through the rain, the wind and soon-to-be snow, through the morning walks to school and the afternoon walks home.

This Wise Owl Yummy Mummy Changing Bag retails at £79 and yes it falls into the expensive bracket, but you’re getting optimum quality in my opinion. The bag is sturdy, spacious, and that laminated canvas works so well in the wetter days of the year making it well worth the price tag. Plus is a Pink Lining bag…a must have for every Yummy Mummy!

Do you have a crush on Pink Lining? If so, what’s your favourite bag!?


Treats bannerHi guys,

Welcome back for another week of Toddler treats. This week I have something quite different and it’s something that Annabelle is forever picking out of the vegetables on her plate and just…discarding onto the floor: Cauliflower. However this weeks easy-peasy recipe is done with a little twist. Check them out and I’ll tell you all about it…
caul1Annabelle has this love for dipping her food into sauces, red sauce in particular. So I figured make a vegetable differently than usual, season it a little and give her a way to enjoy it rather than throw it away.

What you’ll need:

– Cauliflower
– Seasoning {anything you like, I used a sprinkle of salt, pepper and parsley}

The How-tos!:

All I did was snip off a few buds of the cauliflower and pop them onto a baking tray. I drizzled them with olive oil, added the seasoning of choice and popped them into the oven on 180 degrees for around 20 minutes {or until golden brown}. That simple!
caul2Super duper simple and they really looked a lot different than how I would normally serve cauliflower, so now all I needed was my little taste tester and she what she thought.
DSC_6119Of course she needed to have red sauce to dip them into and she seemed to enjoy them! Such a simple way into tricking making her see that a vegetable she wasn’t fond of can be loved.

I do hope you liked it and decide to have a go at making it yourself. If you do I’d love for you to hashtag #ToddlerTreats over on Twitter and tag me in, I’d love to see your dishes! Also if you missed previous weeks, they can all be found on my Toddler Treats page right here on the blog or you can pop over to my Pinterest board.

See you next week for more yummy treats!! I’m also linking up with the fabulous Grace from Eats Amazing and her linky Fun Food Friday & Victorias PoCoLo!
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When you have a ‘Super’ busy household, some days it actually feels like it never stops, easy things to put together/cook/bake get a big thumbs up from me! So when the kids hounded me to make them an after dinner treat I decided to put together these little darlings…

These gorgeous looking {and very tasty} Oreo Witch Hats & it just so happened that I had picked up some Hershey’s kisses whilst out for dinner with friends a few nights before, and coincidentally Hersey’s kisses was one of the things I needed, bonus! Along with the kisses, you’ll need Oreos and some green & yellow food colouring & frosting/buttercream to pipe {this is easily made up with butter/margarine and icing sugar}.

These are so cute and simple to make that the picture says it all, you don’t need me to tell you! Just make these little beauties and as we say here back in Belfast, “Get them into ye!”

These will look super cute on your Halloween party table, or tucked up in a wee box and taken to wherever the paaaartaaaay is at! Oh, and as you can see, I added a little sprinkle of edible glitter because….well.…I couldn’t help myself!!!

D xx