Back in January, I was very kindly sent a Philips Health watch to review and ever since then I have been using it day in & day out. Getting fit is definitely on my agenda for 2017 because come June I’ll be another year older and a little too close to forty for comfort! It’s time to regain control of my weight and beat the bulge and this time, for good.
Philips Health Watch
I think having a fitness watch, such as this one from Philips to help track your health is such a great idea because it can apparently track everything from your heart rate {always helpful when your working out}, and even your sleep patterns too. The Philips health watch has quite a few features so here’s a run down;

Key Features;

– Heart rate monitor
– Built-in GPS
– Food logging
– Water resistant {1ATM}
– Compatible with iOS & Android
– Touch dial

When I first opened the Philips health watch I was quite impressed with how lightweight it was. It also has a very simple black design which I quite liked and the strap felt nice too, with a soft & pliable overall feel to it. The minimalistic design of the health watch is something that I really do like about this product.

I like how it provides the functions of an everyday watch as well as being a sports fitness tracker. When out & about doing the shopping or school runs, it’s nice to know that my steps are being automatically tracked and I am able to check in on my progress easily with the touch screen features or via the Health suite app.
Philips Health Watch
The touch sensitive outer dial of the watch I did find to be a bit fiddly and overall, not very responsive. This could be due to the small face of the watch itself, who knows. But even with my small fingers, I found it a little bit of a fiddle. I also found accessing the menu’s I wanted to be a bit tricky which in turn made navigating my way through the watch a bit of an effort.

You can log your food & drink intake on this health watch, which for some, this feature may be a helpful one. But due to the navigation {in my opinion} being a little fiddly, it’s just not something I would have the time to do.

As a heart rate tracker, this health watch is quite impressive. I thought with it being on the wrist it wouldn’t be quite as accurate as I had hoped. But I was wrong because it is on point. The GPS tracker is also another really impressive feature and this is again is due to its accuracy. The GPS acquisition is fast, regardless of your location. 

The sleep tracker was something that I was excited to put to the test with this watch. It is a pretty accurate feature, however, I was sad to see that the sleep tracker requires you to not only turn it on at night but you also have to remember to turn it off in the morning. Now, I don’t know about you guys, but turning off that feature would be the last thing from my mind when waking up in the morning. This is disappointing because there are a lot more products on the market that do sleep tracking automatically. However, the slim and simple design of the watch does make it comfortable to sleep with while wearing it at night.

Charging the device is easy. It comes with a USB docking station where you place the watch onto the dock to let it charge. The battery life is quite impressive on the Philips Health watch and can last up to four days before requiring another charge. I used my health watch every day and I have to say, I was really impressed how long it lasted on a single charge.

However, in contrast to that, it’s a shame that the Health suite app is so limited. The watch itself can be a great tool for running enthusiasts and real fitness fans, however, the app itself doesn’t analyse the data quite so well. There are a lot of features supplied in the app that I personally would not use. I think for me, a smart watch that looked great and provided simple automatic tracking features with steps and sleep would be enough for me. Which in turn corners me to say that I think this product is seriously overpriced.

It has a price tag of £250 but if the heart rate monitor and GPS are features that you seek in a health watch such as this, then this could very well be the product for you. But then again for those three main features that make this watch appealing for me, personally, the price tag is quite steep in comparison to other products currently on the market.
Philips Health Watch
Overall a good health watch with a nice design, however, I feel the navigation through the features and slight unresponsiveness of the touch screen let it down slightly. 

Disclosure: I was sent this product for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


While my daughter and I were on a day trip to London a few weeks ago we made time to visit the local Sealife centre. We’re both huge wildlife fans and previously had only even been to the Sealife centre in Blackpool, Lancashire. So we were pretty excited about visiting one in Central London.

We were in Piccadilly at the time so all it took was a short tube train ride to Waterloo station. The Sealife Aquarium is based on the South Bank of the River Thames, by the London Eye. I’ve been in London quite a few times and this part of it was a first for me.

The day we spent in London was a Saturday {so it could’ve been just a weekend thing?} but there were tens of thousands of people on the South Bank that day {and I wish I was exaggerating}. Along the South Bank, you also have attractions such as the London Dungeon and Shrek’s Adventure. There were insane queues to get into everything, including the Sealife Centre.

The sheer amount of people waiting to gain entry was crazy. If I’m honest, if I was there as a paying customer I would have turned around and gone somewhere else not so busy. I thought to myself ‘if this was the number of people waiting to get in, how many people were already inside?’ My curiosity was soon answered because the place was packed.

The place being so busy aside, we were really excited about seeing some amazing wildlife. However, due to how busy the place was you couldn’t get near any of the tanks to appreciate anything. This upset my daughter because as I mentioned, she is a huge wildlife fanatic and she was so excited to get up close to some of her favourite creatures. However, it’s like we had just walked into a one-way shuffle system; having to keep moving and just looking over people’s heads and through shoulders, to hopefully catch a peek at something. 

We did get to wiggle through to see a few things; such as the seahorses, the giant green sea turtles {these things were HUGE!} and the penguins at Penguin point.

When it came to the infamous ‘underwater’ tunnel I was amused to see it split into two queues. One-half was for people to walk through, allowing them to stop and take photos while the other half was for people to just walk straight through. We chose to walk straight through because the queue for the other was far too long and it wasn’t moving steadily at all. By this point, both of us were getting a little stressed out at the inability to move and/or see anything. So, in all honesty, we just gave up and followed the stream of people until we hit the Sealife centre shop.

Sadly, for us, it was a disappointing experience and that was purely based on the sheer amount of people inside the attraction. We did go on a Saturday, around 2 pm after all! The creatures and animals the Sealife centre have are amazing, this is without question. It was very cool to catch a glimpse of some species that we had never seen at other Sealife Aquariums before, such as the giant green turtles. Visualise a small mini floating around weightless in the water. Huge and so majestic, so they were definitely the highlight for us.

If you have plans to visit, my advice would be to go first thing or maybe as close to closing time as you can to give you better odds at a less cramped experience.

Disclosure: I was provided with two tickets to the Sealife Aquarium, London in return for this review. All thoughts, photos and opinions are 100% my own. 


Travelling is something I have always had a passion for and it turns out my Parents were big travelling fans too. Clearly, something they decided to pass down to me. 

There is a style of holiday that we have never done before as a family and that’s to stay in a luxury Clickstay villa or a holiday cottage. Paying for a holiday villa rather than staying in a hotel always seemed like a much more expensive option to me and I think that’s why we never went for it. However, it turns out that renting a holiday villa is much more affordable than I thought and if your budget can cover it, you could even get one with a private pool! 

It sounds heavenly, doesn’t it? The sunshine, the kids playing safely in the private pool, {no doubt fighting over the inflatable Unicorn lilo} & you on a sun lounger….Bliss.

As for places to go I have to admit that I have a love for Spain. I have visited a few times because my Mum lived in Orihuela and from the parts of Spain I have seen, it is beautiful and I know my husband and children would really love that slow living way of life. Not to mention the delicious food and stunning views. Also, with renting out a holiday villa, and coming from we’ve always holidayed together in a caravan, the extra space would be very welcomed. The kids having their own bedrooms, a living space to hang out together after a fun-filled day and even the possibility of a private pool. My kids would never be out of that! 

With so many gorgeous Spanish destinations to choose from, there is one place that really stood out to us and that is Nerja in Costa Del Sol. I came across this utterly stunning holiday villa to rent with Clickstay and the views alone are a visual wonder.

Nerja Costa del sol ClickstayThis holiday villa in Nerja looks so incredibly quaint and it looks like the perfect place for a big busy family such as ours to be able to switch off and relax. I mean, can you even imagine waking up to blue skies and enjoying breakfast with this view??….Nerja Costa del sol ClickstayAnd if that didn’t make your jaw drop a notch, here’s another…Nerja Costa del sol Clickstay

Like all holidays we go on as a family {or even day trips} I love to do a little research of places we can see and visit whilst there. Nerja is a beautiful resort town along Southern Costa Del Sol, Spain. It has a stunning seafront promenade that gives you views of the Medittiderrain and surrounding mountains and it has an abundance of things do.

You could visit the stunning Cueva de Nerja which is known as one of Spains most popular and most historical cavern systems. Filled with unusual stalagmites and stalactites. There is an array of beaches to visit, such as Playa de Burriana & the Papagayo Beach. If you find yourself a bit of an adventurer/explorer such as us you can do a bike tour, a little canoeing or kayaking and even do a little snorkelling or perhaps an open water dive.

Nerja looks like such a beautiful place to stay and this gorgeous holiday villa not only sleeps upto 8 people {perfect for our family of 7!}, has 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and it’s own private swimming pool. 
Nerja Costa del sol ClickstayCan I click my fingers and be there now? Please?

Do you have any holidays planned this year? Do you rent a holiday villa? I’d love to hear your experiences.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. 


My plan to visit somewhere fun & exciting each plan month is so far, going to plan. It’s pretty exciting actually and March saw what was meant to be a day trip to Dublin zoo, transform into a fun-filled day at the Pickie park in Bangor, County Down instead. And all down to our tumble dryer not doing what it was meant to do. Dry the clothes! So, Dublin zoo wasn’t planned for us on this day, so as a backup we hopped on a train to Bangor instead.

The sun shone, the kids were happy and the fresh air was amazing. We had a lovely day and not only ate some great food, but enjoyed some priceless quality time together too. They are times for us to put aside our technology, forget about the housework, leave our university assignments and blog work for one more day and to just….enjoy each others company. My husband and I work so hard and the children do too, so it’s lovely to have these days to just…let loose and have fun in the sun and laugh a lot while we do so. 

Bangor Marina
Bangor Marina
Bangor Marina
Pickie Fun Park, Bangor
Pickie Fun Park, Bangor
Pickie Fun Park, Bangor Watching my two littlest loves on the karts was so much fun. Jacob hates to be reminded of this but he was overtaken by his four-year-old Sister on a few occasions and on another lap she drove him into the outer edge of the circuit to cut him off and then overtake him to win! She was ruthless and clearly, her love of Mario Kart 8 is paying off in serious road skills! 

Pickie Fun Park, Bangor So…the swan turned out to be not one of our best ideas. Annabelle had a meltdown for the entire swan time we paid for {around 15mins}. She was throwing a category five because she wanted to pedal and she was just too short to pedal. Hence the meltdown…in the middle of a manmade lake….on a swan boat. I do love this photo because Jacobs bored off his face {he too was too short to pedal}, Ellie is close to losing her mind and my husband is just trying to drone out the wails of our daughter. One to share at her eighteenth I am sure! 

Pickie Fun Park, Bangor
Bangor, County Down
Bangor, County Down
Bangor, County Down
Bangor, County Down Have you ever seen a fountain pond filled with suds? Yeah, neither had we until this! Apparently {after a little social media share} we found out that this is indeed a regular thing. Hilarious! People add soap powder and stuff to make the suds and the kids had a blast for ten minutes or so before we needed to get our train. Not something you see every day and I am pretty sure it’s something the kids {or us} won’t forget in a hurry. 

Bangor, County Down
Bangor, County Down
Bangor, County Down
We had such a fun & lovely day and needless to say, after all of that sunshine and fresh air, we were all so very ready for our beds by the time we got home! 

D xx


So far, so good! My plans this year were to take our Me & Mine project photos in a different place each month. I’m shocked to report {and I know we’re only three months in} but…we’re doing it! In January we took our first family photo of 2017 in Castlerock {there was actual frost on the beach!}. In February we snapped our photos in Portrush & this month we took our family snapshots in Bangor. 

One theme I am noticing though is that, each month our photos are by the sea. But then I thought, we do live on quite a small ‘island’ and heading to the coast is a very easy thing to do here. Especially when you live in Antrim like we do.

The sun certainly had his {or her!} hat on during these photos and it was really such a lovely day. You can view the rest of the day {and the many photos I took} right here. Bangor is a gorgeous place and when your down by the marina & Pickie park; it’s so easy to spend the entire day right there.

Here are our March Me & Mine photos. Side note: Check out my husband’s face. I mean, there’s always one, right? 

In March ‘the darling man’ is loving his anime {snore}, he is on the final stretch of the third year of his university degree and is rather enjoying {a little too much} working from home.

Ellie is loving her drawing. She is currently putting together her own Five Nights at Freddy’s comic book. She is playing The Escapists on Steam and is really enjoying the Haunted Hathaways on Netflix. Or was, until Netflix took it off. That went down like a lead balloon!

Jacob is all over his football like a rash. If it’s not a football at his feet, it’s something else {and not necessarily a ball} as long as it’s kickable! He is really enjoying these later afternoons and evenings because he can stay outside and play for longer. And he is starting to dislike the realisation of him having the smallest room in the house. Oh dear! 

Annabelle is loving Mario Kart 8 and can often be found cackling manically as she whizzes by us to finish first! She’s surprisingly good, for a four-year-old! On Netflix, she is loving Zig & Sharko as well as Kate & Mim-Mim. As for playtime, she really loves her Minecraft lego, vehicles and train tracks.

As for me, I am loving the fact that I am ever so slowly getting this house into some sort of order. Baby steps! It will all be completed {one day!} but for now I am happy with how things are coming along. I am also loving this gorgeous weather we have been having lately, bring on the summer BBQs! I know I am thinking ahead but I cannot help myself! I am also really enjoying our latest Dungeons & Dragons tabletop campaign that we have started recently. I know tabletop gaming is majorly nerdy, but you know….I love it! 

I wonder where we will end up in April!

See you then!

D xx


Us women love shoes, right? I may not be the girliest of girls but my love of shoes is still there. Sure, the shoes I love may not come with a 6in heel or an open toe but they do come with comfort & serious style points. Plus, they go with everything! One word for you; Converse.

I love converse shoes. In fact, I have that many pairs I haven’t worn half of them in months because you know when you find your ‘favourite’ pair? Then you wear those shoes literally to death!? Yeah! I know you can relate. Let’s not even go down the road of having to part with them when we’ve worn holes in the soles or popped the stitching on the sides. Sad times guys. Sad, sad times.

Converse are shoes that you can wear with jeans, with a skirt….hell you can even wear them when you’re wearing a dress! They’re such a versatile shoe that come in the most amazing range of colours and designs.

Now, I’m not much of a high top fan because I have chubby ankles {an honest revelation there but I know there are people reading this that can relate!}. So I much prefer the trainer range of converse and I also gravitate towards certain styles too. Do you have a chosen style? 

ConverseFor example, I am all over those bold colours and ‘geek’ styled Converse shoes. I love everything Marvel and have found myself to like {not so much the movies} but DC Comics too. Regardless of your age you just have to be you and I love that even your footwear can help you express that. So even though I am coming 37 this year I couldn’t give two hoots that I’d be doing the school run in a pair of Captain America converse trainers! In fact, I think it earns me extra ‘Mummy cool’ points in the eyes of my children.

What is your favourite style of converse? The trainers? Or the high tops?

*via Love the Sales.


A few weeks ago my eldest girl and I went on another day trip to London. We were travelling over to attend an event with Bafta Kids & the Disney channel, for the amazing new show Milo Murphy’s Law {airing on April 3rd!}. But after the event we had some time to explore before our flight home, so we did just that.

We had never been to the Piccadilly/Leicester Square part of London before, so it was quite exciting getting to do a bit of sightseeing. Getting to see China town, lots of really cool street performers and being in Leicester Square it was a no-brainer that we had to visit three very cool places. The LEGO store, the M&M superstore {did you know this store has four floors!?} and lastly, the Nickelodeon store.

Chinatown in London
Bubba gump Shrimp in London

The queue to get into the Lego store was insane and how random that the store itself doesn’t even open until 10 am! Is that just an England thing? Either way, we found that quite random, so we decided to visit the M&M store first because you know…chocolate! Inside this store is insane. There are literally M&M’s everywhere. There were M&M hoody’s, socks, onesies, all kinds of M&M candy dispensers, purses, plushes, hell….literally everything!

M&M store in Leicester square, London
M&M store in Leicester square, LondonThe Nickelodeon store was pretty cool too, a little….Spongebob Squarepants overkill but cool nonetheless. However, the Lego store was the best part. The place was crazy busy but we shuffled our way round. My daughter made a beeline for the Brickheadz {because she is obsessed!} and she bought herself a Lego City Pizza truck too. So she was happy! I, of course, couldn’t leave without picking up a Batman Brickheadz for my Lego Batman obsessed four year old. Needless to say when I gave it to her the next day she was beside herself with joy.

Lego store, Leicester square in London
Lego store, Leicester square in London
Lego store, Leicester square in London
Lego store, Leicester square in London
Leicester square tube station
Westminster in LondonAfter all of the sightseeing, my eldest girl surprised me with an early Mother’s day pub lunch. Which her & my husband conspired together to pull off. Isn’t that the sweetest thing! We went to a place called The Shakespear {I think!} and it was just facing Victoria station. It just meant we could put our feet up, fill our faces and just rest for a few hours before starting our journey home. It was so so lovely and we really did fill our faces – it was glorious! 

Mother's day pub dinner with daughter
Mother's day pub dinner with daughter
Please excuse my I’ve-been-up-since-4am-face but by this point {around 5pm} we were pretty tired! We had such a fun day together and I just love having that one on one time with my eldest girl. London has sort of become ‘our place’ for days out together and I just love that! 

Until next time London!

D xx


When your child arrives home from school, it can sometimes be difficult to make the transition. You want them to settle down for the rest of the day, but sometimes they need a bit of help. Art activities can be the perfect way to do this.

The best art activities are the ones that are relatively low-key and that don’t involve making a lot of mess. Here are a few you can try when your child gets back from school.

Colouring In

Perhaps the simplest activity of all is to provide your child with some paper and crayons and let them express their creativity without any guidance or direction. Colouring in is great for kids, and it makes the perfect after-school activity.

You might want to provide them with a colouring book if they don’t feel like drawing. Set it up on the table or on the floor, and they can get going as soon as they get home. There’s no mess, and they’ll enjoy the simple fun it provides.


You can’t beat messing around with some playdough if you want to provide some easy fun. You can either buy the official product or make your own, which is surprisingly easy. Your child will be happy to play and see what they can create, and it should keep them busy for an hour or so.


Pick up some stickers from the local art shop and encourage your child to create a sticker collage. You could provide them with a starting point by printing out images they can decorate with stickers, or you could give them some crayons as well so they can create anything they want.

Coloring Book App

If you would rather let your kids get inspiration from your smartphone, the mandala colouring book app could be a good option. It comes with attractive patterns of mandalas and other designs that you can electronically colour in, and it’s great fun (for adults too!)

One of the best things is that there is no mess at all, so you won’t have to tidy up afterwards.

Sticker Painting

This is a good way to encourage creativity. Simply stick some stickers onto a page of the watercolour paper (the stickers need to be able to come off again later). Paint the paper with watercolours, and paint over and around the stickers, then remove the stickers to reveal the shapes for a unique work of art.

Coloured Masking Tape

Invest in some coloured masking tape and your child will have lots of fun. Give them the tape, some coloured paper, and some scissors, and let them see what they can come up with.

Shadow Art

If it’s a sunny afternoon, set up a table next to the window and place some objects in the light so that the light creates shadows on the table. Then simply trace the shapes. You could also hang up patterns for the sun to shine through. It’s great fun, and it will keep your child absorbed for a while.

Help Your Kids Make the Transition to Home

If your kids arrive home overexcited but not really knowing what to do, help them to relax and get back into the routine of being at home using art.

These are just a few simple ideas that you can put to good use to ensure your children can relax and enjoy expressing their creativity when they return home. Try them yourself and see which ones your children enjoy the most.

*This is a guest post.


Spring must definitely be in the air because my urge to ‘spring clean’ has been real. I’ve been pulling out sofas, cleaning all the leather furniture in the house, and adding final touches to rooms that so badly needed it. However, I can’t help but feel as though once one room is finished, another one needs my attention. It’s a vicious circle and I’d be lying if I wasn’t a little dizzy. Does anyone else’s house get like that? One room is done and another one erupts!

Joys of Parenthood, eh!

My Mothers day kicked off with a gorgeous delivery from Tesco NI and it made me feel so special. I was genuinely taken back because there were flowers, a balloon and a whole bunch of delicious local treats too which were perfect for a Mother’s day afternoon tea party! Thank you, Tesco NI! 


The blue skies & sunny afternoons that have been greeting us have been so incredibly welcome. Long may it continue! The brighter mornings and afternoons are certainly making our days happier. Over Mother’s day weekend, in particular, the weather was amazing! We honestly could not believe our luck and if it doesn’t sound too tragic, we hadn’t felt the sun so strong on our faces in months!

Now, my poor husband being so busy with his job & his university degree, he sort of ‘forgot’ to book anywhere for us to have lunch. He thought you could just ‘walk-in’ anywhere on Mother’s day. He’ll know for next year, {maybe!}. But me being as laid back as I am I would have been happy with fish & chips on the beach. However, sadly, no chippies are open on Sundays so we settled for a lunch in Wetherspoons instead.

After lunch, we explored on the beach {the kids getting so excited about seeing some baby hermit crabs} before letting the children loose in the Pirate playpark before finishing the day off with an ice-cream. What a better way to finish off a glorious day! It was a lovely day and I felt so very loved and extremely spoiled. I’m a lucky Mama.

Here are a few photos of our day.

I shared a post on my blog a few days ago about handling Mother’s day without your Mother and if you read it, you’ll know we made a promise. We made a promise to celebrate it more than we ever have before. Because even though it sucks not having your Mum around on Mother’s day, in reality, life still goes on. So we remembered our Mums in our own ways, we lit our ‘Mum candle’ and we went out and celebrated the day until our feet hurt & our bellies were full.

We really did have a wonderful day {aside from the end-of-the-day 4yr old tantrums & the 8yr old midday grumps} but you know….parenthood!

I hope your Mother’s day was wonderful too!


When your phone rings at 11 pm at night, 9 times out of ten it’s never a good thing. Especially since your Mum was in critical condition in a Spanish hospital. I answered frantically asking immediately “Is everything ok?” and that’s when my world crumbled. “She died” were the next words I heard. I can recall my knees feeling weak along the urge to hurl right where I stood & saying “No, no, no, please, no.”

It’s hard to imagine your life without your Mum in it until she’s gone. She fell ill so incredibly fast. The moment she was rushed to the hospital to her passing was just a few short days. It was all a massive blur. Making phone calls to Spain, trying to discuss her condition with a language barrier. Arranging a flight over to be with her. It was a bit of a nightmare.

Mothers day without a MotherI doubt I will ever forget that flight over to Alicante airport. Trying to keep it together as I tried to process the reality of everything. My life had taken a hit. There was an unfathomable shift and it was almost like an outer body experience. I remember trying to block out the chatter of my two aunts who were with me, by blasting the same song on repeat that I had playing when I was willing my Mum to survive.   Saving Grace by Flyleaf.

It’s a shame it didn’t work. 

Just the other day, as I was at the local shop the counter assistant, asked me a question; “Are you sorted for Mothers day?.” I was asked as she patted the Milk tray on the counter. Clearly looking to shift them and obviously unaware that my Mother died 3 & a half years ago. I mean, how would she know!?
Mothers day without a Mother
I was so taken back by the question but I didn’t want to embarrass her. I didn’t want to tell her that I no longer had my Mum around to buy a Mothers day gift for. So I lied. I fumbled for a moment before responding with “She’s not really the chocolate type”, obviously feeling bad for fibbing but glad I avoided making her feel awkward.

Although, upon leaving the store I felt a pang of sadness. This will be my third Mothers day motherless and that really sucks. The other hurdle of handling Mothers day without a Mother and my Mother, in particular, is the harsh reality of her not being buried in the UK. She lived & died in Orihuela, Spain and that is where she wished to rest. So, taking her flowers is a bit tricky. 

After she passed away I bought a ‘Mum’ candle and that gets lit on every Mothers day, every birthday of hers that she has missed and at Christmas. That is my Mothers day gift to her; by lighting a simple candle and putting her in the forefront of my thoughts. Because, if I am honest, it’s too painful to have her constantly there in my mind. Even almost four years on, the pain is still there, it’s still very raw and it still hurts like hell.

I think having to be strong during Mothers day is the toughest of days to get through. I mean, it’s a day dedicated to making our Mums feel special & I’d be lying if I didn’t envy those who still have their Mums to treat. For a long time my Mother and I didn’t get on, but during her final years, we rekindled {thankfully} and I would give anything to be able to give her a Mothers day treat. We were so estranged. for so long that we never celebrated it together.
Mothers day without a MotherI find it hard to ‘celebrate’ Mother’s day {for obvious reasons} because it’s a day where I tend to remember my Mum most. But I need to turn that around into celebrating it more than I ever have before. For both her & me. I’m going to remember her life and my fondest memories of her, which is hands down her filthy & infectious laugh. Which, thanks to time hop I was reminded of it a few short weeks ago. I’ll forever cherish that video.

So, for anyone reading this lucky enough to still have their Mother with them? Stay on the phone with her for a few moments longer. Hug her a little tighter. Go that extra mile to spoil her this Mother’s Day. Listen to her god awful music {my Mothers favourite was Westlife. I’m a metal head – can you imagine the ear bleeding!} because you know it makes her happy.
Mothers day without a MotherJust….appreciate her. She gave you life. And even, like mine that perhaps you’re estranged for whatever reason, maybe this is the time to make amends. To build a bridge, like my Mum & I did and make the most of each other. Because life is short. In fact, it’s much shorter than you think sometimes. 

D xx


Over the weekend my eldest daughter and I were invited over to London for a very special event. It was with BAFTAKids and it was for a special screening, with Disney Channel UK of a brand new show called Milo Murphys Law. That wasn’t all! We even got to have a special Q&A session with the creators of Milo Murphys Law {& legendary animators} Dan Povenmire & Jeff “Swampy” Marsh who are also the creators of Phineas & Ferb and famous for working on other shows, such as Family Guy, The Simpsons & Spongebob Squarepants.

As a young girl, I was that kid who drew all the time. I was also that kid who {because there was zero internet back then} paused her VHS tapes to capture a certain moment to draw. My daughter has inherited that same love of drawing {she’s got skills like her Mum!} so we were both pretty excited about this event.

Once we arrived at the beautiful BAFTA venue I couldn’t help think to myself “This is where Tom Hiddleston has been!”. I know, I know, dorky right? I couldn’t help myself! However, after we were shown into the bar/waiting area {where I quickly fell in love with the decor} I loved answering all of my daughter’s questions about who the famous actors on the walls were.

Bafta LondonThis legend here is Christopher Lee, he played Saruman in Lord of the Rings {to which she gasped – she loves a bit of LOTR} & this other legend is John Hurt, who played {and before I could finish!} she exclaimed: “He was Garrick Ollivander from Harry Potter!”. I could help but beam with pride.

Bafta London
So, following a refreshing drink, admiration of the framed legends on the walls and imagining one of those glorious chairs in my front room, it was time to head into the cinema room. Nigel Clarke came on stage, introduced himself and told us all about why we were there and after a few moments, we got to watch 2 exclusive screenings of Milo Murphys Law.

Milo is a 13yr old boy who also happens to be the great, great, great, great Grandson of Edward .A. Murphy AKA Murphy’s Law. Murphys Law {incase you didn’t know} means “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong!”. Milo, alongside his two best friends, Zack & Melissa {not forgetting his amazing pooch Diogee}, his backpack of gadgets, his head jammed with knowledge & his unwavering optimism, they can handle anything life throws at them.

Milo Murphys LawWe thoroughly enjoyed the show. It was funny, innovative and really well thought out. Poor Milo faces some harrowing & pretty crazy moments in his life, but there is never a dull moment and his optimism is amusingly infectious. It will certainly be a show that we carry on watching once it airs on April 3rd. Following the screenings, Dan & Swampy came on stage and we had a Q&A session. Lots of questions were asked and I have to say, it was pretty awesome listening to how they started working together, and how they came up with ideas of both Phineas & Ferb & Milo Murphys Law.

Milo Murphys LawAs a final part of the event, the kids all got to go up and have their photo taken with the guys and they also gave them a signed card. Ellie even asked both Dan & Swampy a question of how to get started in animation and they gave her some sound advice. She knows wants a graphics tablet and photoshop for her birthday!

This was a really great event, we laughed and we learned a few things too! A huge massive thanks to BAFTA kids & Disney for inviting us over! Don’t forget to tune in on April 3rd, 2017 for the brand new show ‘Milo Murphys Law’over on the Disney Channel. We can’t wait!