How am I writing about my Siblings in April already? April has been an insanely busy month, thus far, for us with day trips and the Easter school holidays. I mean, don’t get me wrong, all of it has been amazing but it’s exhausting at the same time too.

April kicked off with a Kids Superhero Day cruise with Stenaline. For us, this was a pretty awesome way to kick start a whole new month. We had such a great day and it tired the kids out too which was a bonus for us Parents. It’s always a win to the grown-ups when we’ve partied the kids to sleepy land. 

Are anyone else’s children going through a mega-fueled growth spurt? It must be something to do with Spring or whatever because my girls are growing like weeds. Actual speed-growing weeds! They just seem to be all leg at the moment too and keeping them clothed is becoming a challenge. I took my eldest out for clothes not even a month ago and she has grown out of those clothes already. In a month! Waaah!


Ellie loves … drawing, she is forever doodling little comic books and writing screenplays for her and her cousin to perform. She is also enjoying her music, learning how to play the guitar and playing a little Overwatch when she has the time. Her Year 8 ‘end of year’ exams are coming up in around 6 weeks, so she is feeling a bit anxious about those. 

Jacob loves … football! Nothing has or every will change about that. His little weekly football club has been off for the Easter break so he’s been feeling a little lost. He is loving the lighter evenings, so he can stay outside and play with his friends more. He’s still frustratingly fussy with his food but he won’t starve!

Annabelle loves … everything and anything! She has been especially enjoying colouring in lately and her fine development skills are really improving. Just watching her try really hard to stay in the lines is adorable. I picked up some timers for her a few weeks ago and they have really helped to lengthen her attention span in preparation for Primary school in September.

D xx


Over the Easter break, Activision very kindly sent us the new Skylanders Imaginators Easter edition Sensei to test out. My kids love Skylanders and I think Skylanders Imaginators has been their favourite expansion to date. This lot of Easter edition Sensei characters were only released on 10th March 2017 and Activision kindly gave me an extra bundle to offer to you guys, but more on that a little later.

Skylanders Imaginators Easter Edition

The Skylanders Imaginator Sensei’s that we received were:

Pain-Yatta is a giant pinata carrying a huge lollipop. He is so cute and one of my favourite characters to play. Pain-yatta is one of the Skylanders Universe villains and when growing up his best friend is the legendary Unocorn {A unicorn with a churro-horn}. He is such a fun Skylander character to play; Lollypop smashes and candy breathe followed up with a range of other sweet-related attacks. Pain-yatta’s element is magic and his battle class is smasher.
Hard-Boiled Flare Wolf is an Easter edition Sensei. We love the pastel looks of this Easter edition Sensei’s and it really makes them stand out from the original appearance of these characters. My eldest girl is Dragon-crazy and really loves the Dragon detailing on the Flare wolf’s flare gun. This Sensei has the element of fire and his battle class is Bazooker.
Egg Bomber Air Strike is another Easter edition Sensei, and he has the same pastel look as the Hard-Boiled Flare wolf. We love the brightly coloured rare Zephyr falcon on his shoulder and it’s cool that Skylanders from all over Skylands would come to be taught from Sensei Air Strike. His element is Air and his battle class is Brawler.
Grave Clobber is another Skylanders villain and he is a living stone Mummy who was once a Great Pharoah. His seven jealous Brothers turned on him and buried him in an underwater tomb while he was sleeping. He is a pretty intimidating Skylander with large fists for super strong punches and causing shockwaves through the ground. His element is Water & his battle class is Brawler.

These new Skylanders Imaginators Sensei are available to buy from all good toy/gaming stores {Toys’R’Us, Smyths Superstores etc} and they can also be found on Amazon. These characters are suitable for the following: PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 & {for Imaginators only} Nintendo Wii U console.

I mentioned above that Activision kindly gave me a bundle to giveaway to one of my followers. Enter via the widget below and the best of luck. 

Skylanders Imaginators Easter Edition Characters Giveaway

T&C’s: This bundle was provided by Activision, and contains four Skylanders Imaginators Sensei characters. It will be posted out by myself to one winner chosen at random once the giveaway has ended. The giveaway will end on May 9th, 2017 and if the chosen winner does not come forward within 14days another winner will be chosen at random. 


I am a Mother to five children. Five. You can only imagine the laundry load. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I saw the bottom of our washing basket, or if I ever have! Then, when I became a ‘Football’ Mum, well, I needed some serious cleaning ammo to tackle those grass stains and stinky socks. However, as well as having the football crazy son, we had a toddler. A deadly combination. 

Everybody knows toddlers are renownedly known for their destructive and impressively messy accomplishments. For some of those days, I didn’t know whether to cry due to the extra mess that had my name on it or to award her for her achievements. I mean, the speed they destroy and make a mess in is impressive, right? Most of my days consisted of removing grass stains from my son’s favourites football shorts and spaghetti bolognese from our walls.

The toddler and my football-crazed son weren’t the only messy folk in the house, oh no. Because my Husband and my two teenage sons were and still remain to be contenders for the award of messiest monkey in our family home. It doesn’t surprise me though because due to an article online that stated 45% of parents think that their teenagers are the messiest in the house. Whereas, research conducted by the global laundry brand ACE Clean revealed the results that 30% of you claim that your husbands are the messiest.

In our house? My Teenagers & husband are neck & neck in the messy awards. And yes, even though we have a four-year-old at home too and yes they can be messy, the ACE uncovered that only 12% considered our littlest toddlers to be the masters of the mess.

The results of this survey were surprising but I love that ACE can see the crazy side of parenting. When my youngest was a baby and a young tot, I had milestones cards. These were the obligatory “I’ve cut my first tooth” or “I sat up for the first time” milestone cards. However, ACE Clean have developed some honest and funny baby & toddler milestone cards that I reckon you guys will love and they are ones I certainly wish I had when my littlest lady was still little.

Does your child love to wear their dinner, or some days refuse to eat anything except snacks? 

Is messy play taken too literally in your house, and has your toddler discovered splashing around in muddy puddles yet? 

When was the last time you had to scoop poo out of the bath or scrub away baby sick out of your clothes? 

Did your baby refuse to sleep through the night {again} or break the record for their longest tantrum today? 

Has your child ignored all attempts at potty training and spent the day pretending to be a dinosaur instead?

ACE Clean have the full set of milestone cards available for you to download free here and you can share your photos of using them on social media with the hashtag #ACEParent.

*This is a collaborative post.


Ever since my Mum brought home our first VHS player with Beauty & the Beast {our first ever Disney movie on tape} I have been in love. Disney is something that really captures us, young or old, it has that something that we all love to include in our lives….a little touch of magic.

Ocean Florida recently hosted a competition and they’re super excited to share their results of the Ultimate Disney survey. An amazing 15,000 Disney lovers entered with a chance to win an amazing once-in-a-lifetime magical trip to Walt Disney World, Florida.

The results are in and they reveal the nation’s Disney favourites; from Princes to Princesses, the songs they can’t help but sing along too {we all know a few of those, right?} and the characters they would love to meet.

Ocean Florida created an infographic highlight the results of their survey;

Looking at the results, I reckon the public have spoken. Also, being from Northern Ireland I have to admit, Pascal is our favourite sidekick too! He’s so cute, funny and a great little character.

For me, the songs that have stayed with us are without-a-doubt “Let it Go” from Frozen and “Beauty & the Beast” from {you guessed it} Beauty & the Beast. I mean, the world is in love with that ballroom scene and song.

As for our favourite character of all time? Gosh, that’s a tough question, isn’t it? Although if you asked my children I’m sure their answers would be a mixture of Buzz Lightyear, Olaf, Rapunzel and Ariel. Which, I have to admit, Ariel would be my favourite too!

At the end of the day, Disney has given us an amazing collection of main characters, sidekicks, villains and sing-along songs that have embedded into our hearts.

Who’s your favourite Disney character of all time? 

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With research showing a steady rise throughout the years in the number of people opting for online shopping as opposed to going to an actual store, online purchases are an extremely common part of life for millions. From groceries to clothes to furniture, the array of products we can buy online is virtually endless.

But when it comes to something like a mattress, many are still sceptical about ordering online. After all, having a bad mattress can have seriously detrimental effects not only on your sleep but your health too, so it’s crucially important you make a good choice. But how can you choose the right mattress for you if you’re not even able to see it in person before buying? A very valid question, but not one that should stop you purchasing a mattress online as it can have many surprising benefits you may not be aware of.

So, if you’re looking for a new mattress but are afraid of clicking that ‘order’ button, here are some pointers of how online mattress shopping can be surprisingly beneficial.

Online reviews

Perhaps one of the most surprising benefits of online mattress shopping, online reviews provide a huge array of valuable information you wouldn’t otherwise get.

When shopping for an extravagant purchase like a mattress in a store, it’s likely the only person you’ll get insight from is a salesperson. Whilst they likely do have your best interests at heart and will want to help, their job is, essentially, to sell mattresses – and they may say anything they have to in order to convince you to buy.

But, when online shopping, you won’t face any pushy sales pressures. Instead, you’ll get an almost endless amount of reviews from real people giving their personal opinion on the mattress they’ve bought. Often, reading online reviews can make or break a person’s decision to buy as, if you originally had your heart set on a particular mattress from a specific brand but saw nothing but bad reviews, would you spend your money on it? Probably not.

See reviews from to get an idea of the different mattress types out there and expert opinions on them.

Cheaper price

This applies to a variety of products ordered online but, when purchasing a product as expensive as a mattress, getting a cheaper price can make the world of difference.

Since online retailers don’t have to pay rent on flashy showroom spaces or pay salaries to in-store salespeople, they can afford to advertise their mattresses at lower prices than those you’d find in a store. Because of this, you’ll likely be able to afford an even better mattress than you originally planned, simply because prices are cheaper.

But, don’t be afraid to buy if you see a price cheaper than you were expecting, as this doesn’t mean a lack of quality. Often, we associate cheaper prices with fewer quality products but, just because a price may be cheaper than in store, it will still be the exact same mattress of identical quality!


Not only applying to mattresses but to every other form of online shopping, convenience is one of the biggest advantages of online shopping.

Even when purchasing a mattress, some people hate the thought of having to waste time heading down to their nearest store and endure the potential hassle of pushy salespeople. When ordering online, you can literally lounge around at home and do everything from the comfort of your own computer – it’s that simple!

Better still, shopping online gives you a much wider choice of mattresses to choose from which just adds to the convenience of the whole thing. When in store, there will always be a limit to the number of mattresses they have on show. And, some of them may not even be in stock for you to look at anyway.

If you find your dream mattress online and find it’s not in stock on one particular site, try searching for it across a range of other sites and you’ll have a much higher chance of locating one that’s in stock and ready to be ordered! Imagine if you encountered this in store – you’d have to travel all the way to another store to get even close to a number of options available online.

When purchasing something as expensive as a mattress, it can be very daunting shopping online. But with the added help of reviews and lower prices, you’re sure to get just as good of an experience as if you were in store – if not better!

Adam Rowley worked in a home furnishings store for many years and is now retired. Instead of letting his knowledge become buried, he’s getting it out of his brain and onto the internet with his articles!

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Choo! Choo!

I can be quite a spontaneous person & I am known {to my husband, mostly!} for making impulsive decisions. And do you know what? It’s actually quite a fun way to be. So last week I made another on the spot ‘what the hell’ decision and that was to rejoin Slimming world.

I have been on the slimming world programme before and that was about a year before I got hitched to my darling man. No diets had ever worked previously for me and believe me, I tried a few! However, with SW I did manage to lose 2st and I went from a size 18 to a size 16. I felt amazing.

Queue a boost in my confidence. 

Anyways, we got married. I clearly got far too comfortable and the weight started to creep back on and my decision to rejoin Slimming world was all down to this photo…
When I took this photo, it was purely for the comedic purpose of me being a complete dork because my glasses matched those of Betty Boop. Dorky, right? I found it amusing but when I looked at the photo all I saw was my baby bag hanging out ever-so-casually from beneath my t-shirt. Eeeww. I am still in my size 16 jeans, which is a blessing in disguise. However, my problem areas are without a doubt my boobs, bum & belly {with a little back fat thrown in there}.

So I decided to rejoin Slimming world and clearly the P.T.B {Powers that Be} were aligned because it just so happened on the very day I decided to rejoin, there was a local meeting that evening. I did a quick google search and found a free membership voucher in a women’s magazine and before I knew it, I was standing back on those scales.

It turns out that I hadn’t put on as much weight as I thought I had. I certainly felt a whole lot heavier but thankfully the scales told another story. On my first night back at Slimming world I weighed 13st 1lb and after my first weigh-in a week later I managed to lose 2lbs! As you can imagine I was thrilled and am trying to achieve the same at this week’s weigh-in. I’ll check in with you later this week to let you know how I did and how I am trying to loss the pounds. 

Starting weight: 13st 1lb
Current weight: 12st 13lb
Target weight: 11st

Loss so far: 2lbs

D xx


A few weeks ago I received a lovely package from Stenaline through the post. It contained some lovely travel style prints of Liverpool & Glasgow, as well as some beauty products and a diary. However, that wasn’t all because there was a little postcard package in there too. As I unravelled it I saw the first card “Have a free trip on us!” and in my excitement, I immediately started searching for where we could go.

We have really loved travelling to somewhere different each month and even though we have been keeping it all relatively close to home it was nice to have the opportunity to hop across the Irish Sea for a few hours. We chose to go on a Superhero day cruise with Stenaline and even though we have a squad of children of all different ages {ranging from 17 down to 4yrs}, we knew there would be something for everyone.

Choosing somewhere to go together as a family can be quite tricky due to the age ranges of our children, as we try to cater for everyone. In reality, though that’s easier said than done! But with the Superhero Day cruise, even though it is focused on the little ones, the Stenaline superfast II has a few things for older children to do too.

The whole process to board the ship was super smooth. The waiting areas at the Belfast terminal are spacious and comfortable and boarding the ship is a really simple and stress-free process too. This is browning points for us as parents with a young child!

The way the Superhero day cruise is put together works really well. Upon boarding the ship the kids are given coloured wristbands and as the activities kick off the entertainers let us know what activities; whether it be balloons, face painting etc depending on the colour of wristband. This works really well because the queues aren’t too long and the little ones don’t get too bored waiting in line for their turn.

While the little ones are dazzled with magic and puppet shows, colouring in competitions, face painting and even dancing the older ones can hang out in the cinema on the upper deck. They can walk around the deck of the ship to admire the stunning sea & coastal views or they can hang out in the arcades.

Stenaline Superhero Day cruiseAnnabelle decided to go as Iron Man, however underneath said suit {in her words “in case I get to warm, Mama!”} she wears a Batman t-shirt which is her backup ‘costume’. I swear, she may only be four, but this kid thinks ahead!
Stenaline Superhero Day Cruise

Stenaline Superhero day cruiseThe three younger children loved hanging out in the interactive lounge. They have an interactive oceanic floor for the little ones, a large touch screen full of fun games and big enough for up to 2 or more kids to get involved and play. There is also a selection of gaming consoles too and these were a big hit with my little gamers. Around the ship, there are also PCs that provide free internet access too which can come in really handy. 
Stenaline Superhero Day Cruise

Superhero day cruise stenaline
Stenaline Superhero Day Cruise
Stenaline Superhero Day Cruise
Stenaline Superhero Day Cruise

Stenaline Kids cruise
On the kids day cruise, your tickets also include a complimentary meal and drink. The food was really nice and they also have a nice range of buns and pastries on board too. 

We had a really great time on the Superhero day cruise, so much so that we plan to do on the Pirates & Princesses on at the end of May!! Oooaaarrrr!! At only £12 per person, how could we not!

*I was not asked to review this experience but I have done of my own accord because we had so much fun and it makes for a great day out with the children. 


Back in January, I was very kindly sent a Philips Health watch to review and ever since then I have been using it day in & day out. Getting fit is definitely on my agenda for 2017 because come June I’ll be another year older and a little too close to forty for comfort! It’s time to regain control of my weight and beat the bulge and this time, for good.
Philips Health Watch
I think having a fitness watch, such as this one from Philips to help track your health is such a great idea because it can apparently track everything from your heart rate {always helpful when your working out}, and even your sleep patterns too. The Philips health watch has quite a few features so here’s a run down;

Key Features;

– Heart rate monitor
– Built-in GPS
– Food logging
– Water resistant {1ATM}
– Compatible with iOS & Android
– Touch dial

When I first opened the Philips health watch I was quite impressed with how lightweight it was. It also has a very simple black design which I quite liked and the strap felt nice too, with a soft & pliable overall feel to it. The minimalistic design of the health watch is something that I really do like about this product.

I like how it provides the functions of an everyday watch as well as being a sports fitness tracker. When out & about doing the shopping or school runs, it’s nice to know that my steps are being automatically tracked and I am able to check in on my progress easily with the touch screen features or via the Health suite app.
Philips Health Watch
The touch sensitive outer dial of the watch I did find to be a bit fiddly and overall, not very responsive. This could be due to the small face of the watch itself, who knows. But even with my small fingers, I found it a little bit of a fiddle. I also found accessing the menu’s I wanted to be a bit tricky which in turn made navigating my way through the watch a bit of an effort.

You can log your food & drink intake on this health watch, which for some, this feature may be a helpful one. But due to the navigation {in my opinion} being a little fiddly, it’s just not something I would have the time to do.

As a heart rate tracker, this health watch is quite impressive. I thought with it being on the wrist it wouldn’t be quite as accurate as I had hoped. But I was wrong because it is on point. The GPS tracker is also another really impressive feature and this is again is due to its accuracy. The GPS acquisition is fast, regardless of your location. 

The sleep tracker was something that I was excited to put to the test with this watch. It is a pretty accurate feature, however, I was sad to see that the sleep tracker requires you to not only turn it on at night but you also have to remember to turn it off in the morning. Now, I don’t know about you guys, but turning off that feature would be the last thing from my mind when waking up in the morning. This is disappointing because there are a lot more products on the market that do sleep tracking automatically. However, the slim and simple design of the watch does make it comfortable to sleep with while wearing it at night.

Charging the device is easy. It comes with a USB docking station where you place the watch onto the dock to let it charge. The battery life is quite impressive on the Philips Health watch and can last up to four days before requiring another charge. I used my health watch every day and I have to say, I was really impressed how long it lasted on a single charge.

However, in contrast to that, it’s a shame that the Health suite app is so limited. The watch itself can be a great tool for running enthusiasts and real fitness fans, however, the app itself doesn’t analyse the data quite so well. There are a lot of features supplied in the app that I personally would not use. I think for me, a smart watch that looked great and provided simple automatic tracking features with steps and sleep would be enough for me. Which in turn corners me to say that I think this product is seriously overpriced.

It has a price tag of £250 but if the heart rate monitor and GPS are features that you seek in a health watch such as this, then this could very well be the product for you. But then again for those three main features that make this watch appealing for me, personally, the price tag is quite steep in comparison to other products currently on the market.
Philips Health Watch
Overall a good health watch with a nice design, however, I feel the navigation through the features and slight unresponsiveness of the touch screen let it down slightly. 

Disclosure: I was sent this product for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


While my daughter and I were on a day trip to London a few weeks ago we made time to visit the local Sealife centre. We’re both huge wildlife fans and previously had only even been to the Sealife centre in Blackpool, Lancashire. So we were pretty excited about visiting one in Central London.

We were in Piccadilly at the time so all it took was a short tube train ride to Waterloo station. The Sealife Aquarium is based on the South Bank of the River Thames, by the London Eye. I’ve been in London quite a few times and this part of it was a first for me.

The day we spent in London was a Saturday {so it could’ve been just a weekend thing?} but there were tens of thousands of people on the South Bank that day {and I wish I was exaggerating}. Along the South Bank, you also have attractions such as the London Dungeon and Shrek’s Adventure. There were insane queues to get into everything, including the Sealife Centre.

The sheer amount of people waiting to gain entry was crazy. If I’m honest, if I was there as a paying customer I would have turned around and gone somewhere else not so busy. I thought to myself ‘if this was the number of people waiting to get in, how many people were already inside?’ My curiosity was soon answered because the place was packed.

The place being so busy aside, we were really excited about seeing some amazing wildlife. However, due to how busy the place was you couldn’t get near any of the tanks to appreciate anything. This upset my daughter because as I mentioned, she is a huge wildlife fanatic and she was so excited to get up close to some of her favourite creatures. However, it’s like we had just walked into a one-way shuffle system; having to keep moving and just looking over people’s heads and through shoulders, to hopefully catch a peek at something. 

We did get to wiggle through to see a few things; such as the seahorses, the giant green sea turtles {these things were HUGE!} and the penguins at Penguin point.

When it came to the infamous ‘underwater’ tunnel I was amused to see it split into two queues. One-half was for people to walk through, allowing them to stop and take photos while the other half was for people to just walk straight through. We chose to walk straight through because the queue for the other was far too long and it wasn’t moving steadily at all. By this point, both of us were getting a little stressed out at the inability to move and/or see anything. So, in all honesty, we just gave up and followed the stream of people until we hit the Sealife centre shop.

Sadly, for us, it was a disappointing experience and that was purely based on the sheer amount of people inside the attraction. We did go on a Saturday, around 2 pm after all! The creatures and animals the Sealife centre have are amazing, this is without question. It was very cool to catch a glimpse of some species that we had never seen at other Sealife Aquariums before, such as the giant green turtles. Visualise a small mini floating around weightless in the water. Huge and so majestic, so they were definitely the highlight for us.

If you have plans to visit, my advice would be to go first thing or maybe as close to closing time as you can to give you better odds at a less cramped experience.

Disclosure: I was provided with two tickets to the Sealife Aquarium, London in return for this review. All thoughts, photos and opinions are 100% my own. 


Travelling is something I have always had a passion for and it turns out my Parents were big travelling fans too. Clearly, something they decided to pass down to me. 

There is a style of holiday that we have never done before as a family and that’s to stay in a luxury Clickstay villa or a holiday cottage. Paying for a holiday villa rather than staying in a hotel always seemed like a much more expensive option to me and I think that’s why we never went for it. However, it turns out that renting a holiday villa is much more affordable than I thought and if your budget can cover it, you could even get one with a private pool! 

It sounds heavenly, doesn’t it? The sunshine, the kids playing safely in the private pool, {no doubt fighting over the inflatable Unicorn lilo} & you on a sun lounger….Bliss.

As for places to go I have to admit that I have a love for Spain. I have visited a few times because my Mum lived in Orihuela and from the parts of Spain I have seen, it is beautiful and I know my husband and children would really love that slow living way of life. Not to mention the delicious food and stunning views. Also, with renting out a holiday villa, and coming from we’ve always holidayed together in a caravan, the extra space would be very welcomed. The kids having their own bedrooms, a living space to hang out together after a fun-filled day and even the possibility of a private pool. My kids would never be out of that! 

With so many gorgeous Spanish destinations to choose from, there is one place that really stood out to us and that is Nerja in Costa Del Sol. I came across this utterly stunning holiday villa to rent with Clickstay and the views alone are a visual wonder.

Nerja Costa del sol ClickstayThis holiday villa in Nerja looks so incredibly quaint and it looks like the perfect place for a big busy family such as ours to be able to switch off and relax. I mean, can you even imagine waking up to blue skies and enjoying breakfast with this view??….Nerja Costa del sol ClickstayAnd if that didn’t make your jaw drop a notch, here’s another…Nerja Costa del sol Clickstay

Like all holidays we go on as a family {or even day trips} I love to do a little research of places we can see and visit whilst there. Nerja is a beautiful resort town along Southern Costa Del Sol, Spain. It has a stunning seafront promenade that gives you views of the Medittiderrain and surrounding mountains and it has an abundance of things do.

You could visit the stunning Cueva de Nerja which is known as one of Spains most popular and most historical cavern systems. Filled with unusual stalagmites and stalactites. There is an array of beaches to visit, such as Playa de Burriana & the Papagayo Beach. If you find yourself a bit of an adventurer/explorer such as us you can do a bike tour, a little canoeing or kayaking and even do a little snorkelling or perhaps an open water dive.

Nerja looks like such a beautiful place to stay and this gorgeous holiday villa not only sleeps upto 8 people {perfect for our family of 7!}, has 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and it’s own private swimming pool. 
Nerja Costa del sol ClickstayCan I click my fingers and be there now? Please?

Do you have any holidays planned this year? Do you rent a holiday villa? I’d love to hear your experiences.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. 


My plan to visit somewhere fun & exciting each plan month is so far, going to plan. It’s pretty exciting actually and March saw what was meant to be a day trip to Dublin zoo, transform into a fun-filled day at the Pickie park in Bangor, County Down instead. And all down to our tumble dryer not doing what it was meant to do. Dry the clothes! So, Dublin zoo wasn’t planned for us on this day, so as a backup we hopped on a train to Bangor instead.

The sun shone, the kids were happy and the fresh air was amazing. We had a lovely day and not only ate some great food, but enjoyed some priceless quality time together too. They are times for us to put aside our technology, forget about the housework, leave our university assignments and blog work for one more day and to just….enjoy each others company. My husband and I work so hard and the children do too, so it’s lovely to have these days to just…let loose and have fun in the sun and laugh a lot while we do so. 

Bangor Marina
Bangor Marina
Bangor Marina
Pickie Fun Park, Bangor
Pickie Fun Park, Bangor
Pickie Fun Park, Bangor Watching my two littlest loves on the karts was so much fun. Jacob hates to be reminded of this but he was overtaken by his four-year-old Sister on a few occasions and on another lap she drove him into the outer edge of the circuit to cut him off and then overtake him to win! She was ruthless and clearly, her love of Mario Kart 8 is paying off in serious road skills! 

Pickie Fun Park, Bangor So…the swan turned out to be not one of our best ideas. Annabelle had a meltdown for the entire swan time we paid for {around 15mins}. She was throwing a category five because she wanted to pedal and she was just too short to pedal. Hence the meltdown…in the middle of a manmade lake….on a swan boat. I do love this photo because Jacobs bored off his face {he too was too short to pedal}, Ellie is close to losing her mind and my husband is just trying to drone out the wails of our daughter. One to share at her eighteenth I am sure! 

Pickie Fun Park, Bangor
Bangor, County Down
Bangor, County Down
Bangor, County Down
Bangor, County Down Have you ever seen a fountain pond filled with suds? Yeah, neither had we until this! Apparently {after a little social media share} we found out that this is indeed a regular thing. Hilarious! People add soap powder and stuff to make the suds and the kids had a blast for ten minutes or so before we needed to get our train. Not something you see every day and I am pretty sure it’s something the kids {or us} won’t forget in a hurry. 

Bangor, County Down
Bangor, County Down
Bangor, County Down
We had such a fun & lovely day and needless to say, after all of that sunshine and fresh air, we were all so very ready for our beds by the time we got home! 

D xx