Annabelles 1 & a half year update!

I have been so busy this last month that I completely forgot to do Annabelles 15mth update, so I’m just going to combine the last two months into this one single, fact filled post about this gorgeously funny little bird.

Food: Annabelle is a lot like her Daddy {and her older Sister} in that she’ll eat pretty much anything you place in front of her. She prefers to feed herself {bad Mummy still trying to hold onto her baby!}. Even if it was cereal or stew you place in front of her, she’ll want to do it. She’ll use the spoon for a little bit then realize she could do a better job with her hands, as I sigh that a bath will have to be run. 

Sleep: I can safely say that she is now sleeping the nights through. It’s only now and again that she have an unsettled nights sleep. Whether that be down to teething or if she has a little cold, which she currently has the beginnings of at the moment. Thankfully at the moment thought it’s not affecting her sleep. 

Playime: She is still a HUGE fan of stacking blocks. She’ll sit forever and a day, just stacking them on top of each other then taking great pleasure in knocking them all down. Then she’ll just repeat again and again. 

She also loves it when her older siblings are home from school, she truly lights up as I think playing with Mummy all the time can be a little boring for her after a while. She pushes them on her Princess push-a-long, which I know it should be the other way round but she loves doing it, haha! They’ll play peek-a-boo and chasies round the bottom floor of the house which is hilarious to watch. They have such fun together and when they’re all puffed out, can be found all chilling out together on the sofa.

Bathtime: I remember mentioning a while back that Annabelle had developed a fear of the bath. Well thankfully that was just a phase as now she loves it again! HURRAH! As soon as she hears that water running, into the bathroom she goes, up on her tippy toes as she peeks over the rim of the bath! Her little short arms trying to reach in for the bubbles. So cute! Ellie and Jacob {if they’re home} love to come in and play with her and help me wash her too. It’s so lovely how involved they want to be with their little Sister.

Personality: Annabelle is a very funny wee bird, a trait I am convinced she has inherited from her older Sister. She has started to mimic like a little boss too! She has started to giggle with her hand over her mouth, which is insanely cute!

She also keeps lifting one leg into the air and back down, which I’m sure she’s watched Ellie and Jacob do some Ju Jitsu and she is giving it a wee go herself!

She is so independent that it scares me. She’ll go and get her bedtime bunny River when she gets tired, cue Mummy and/or Daddy to carry her up to bed. She still takes a mid-morning nap around half ten until shortly after midday and has two 6oz bottles of milk a day too.

If she could live outside, I’m convinced she would, as she loves being outdoors that much. That front door opens, her ears prick up and those little feet head straight for the outside world, its fabulous! 

If I could wish for one thing, I’d wish for her to stop being in such a rush to grow up. This last 16mths have zoomed by at such a speed that I honestly feel dizzy. But she is such a funny, adorable little tyrant that we couldn’t be without her. One thing I do know though…she’s going to rain down on us a terrible two experience like no other. I can feel it in my bones. 

5 thoughts on “Annabelles 1 & a half year update!

  1. Charlotte Paulsson

    Such a gorgeous girly :-) Evie was scared of the bath for a while too, especially having her hair washed. I think she didn’t like her ears being under water so I’m very careful to hold her head up nice and high now when I do it. She loves splashing about with her toys now! x Char

  2. Donna

    She is one of the most gorgeous babies I have ever seen! She looks just like a mini adult, full of personality and her little ponytail is so cute!! x


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