A Nonabox review: March!

My faith in Nonabox is being restored! After the amazing box we received in February, I was excited when we received the box for March! 

In the March Nonabox, we received:
1. This was a very cute addition to find in March’s box. It is a collection of postcards, provided by Nonobox and they are intended to be filled in by your child/children and given to Mummy as a ‘Token of Love’. Very sweet and something my 5 & 8 year old will most certainly use {more than likely, when they are after something!}.
2. A long sleeved Verbaudet bodysuit. Sadly this wasn’t the right size for my toddler, but we’ll will just use it for her best ‘forever’ friend, River the Rabbit, so it won’t go to waste. I could not find a price for this item, but the quality of Verbaudet products are great so it would be worth your little ones comfort for sure. The motif on the front of it is also very sweet. 

3. A little toy tractor from Viking Toys. I am not one of those Mums that think girls should play with dolls and boys should play with trucks. Nothing worse than gender specific toys. I think this is a darling little toy and it’s just perfect for the little hands of my daughter. From the bright colours to the durability! She loves pushing it along the floor.

4. Organix Goodies Rice cakes in Red Berry Burst flavour x 4. These are a win with my toddler and fabulous to give her after her meals as a treat and obviously great to take out with us ‘on the go’. She finds them very tasty and naturally we love anything from Organix. 

5. A pair of Little Gripper socks. I love these. At first I thought how they would grip onto my daughter and prevent her from not only pulling them off, but them coming off themselves. But they have a special ‘stay on technology’ and they really do work! Annabelle’s socks didn’t come off and stayed up on her all day. I am officially a Little grippers fan!

6. Pasito a pasito weaning spoon. Annabelle is just getting to know her cutlery and she is slowly but surely learning how to use spoon/fork to mouth rather than using her fingers {which she so loves to do!}. So spoons will forever be a welcome tool in her mealtimes. 

7. You, by Emma Dodd. We’ve received other Emma Dodd books in previous Nonaboxes and they are always very well received. Annabelle adore she books and this one is just as sweet and has been added to her collection. 

8. Jack & Jill natural toothpaste. These guys have the most adorable website and this toothpaste is awesome. Annabelle loves having her little toothypegs brushed and she also thinks this toothpaste tastes yummy too! 

I loved March’s Nonabox, so many useful items/products for my daughter and my kids even wrote me one of the Tokens of Love recently too! Apparently they think I am a….
I wonder what they’re after!!

Thanks Nonobox!
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Disclaimer: Nonabox sent me this box for the purpose of my review. All thoughts, opinions and photos are my own. 

6 thoughts on “A Nonabox review: March!

  1. Colette B

    It looks like Nonabox have really upped their game since some of the earlier reviews I’ve read!
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested x


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